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Song Infobox
Song Information
Song Killing In The Name
Game Information
Game Guitar Hero Smash Hits
Platform(s) PS2, 360, PS3, Wii
Chart Information
Chart Link
ScoreHero Stats
Top Score 496,262 by Mxtchell
# Scores 961
3* 9
4* 51
5* 884
100% 201

Killing In The Name - GHSH - Guitar - Expert

Near-optimal/optimal Path

Instrument Path Short Notes Credit
Guitar 3-3(+1)-2-2 1st: 13th YB chord
2nd: 13th YB chord after the line of RY and the GY in at the end of chorus 2a
3rd: right at the beginning of the chords. You can activate at the sliding yellow if you don't think it'll activate in time.
4th: immediately/NN

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