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Song Infobox
Song Information
Song Green Grass and High Tides
Artist The Outlaws
Game Information
Game Rock Band 2
Platform(s) 360, PS3
Tier Rock Band Imported
Difficulty Hard
Chart Information
Chart Link
ScoreHero Stats
Top Score 486,544 by Kawigi
# Scores 83
3* 1
4* 2
5* 77
100% 16

Green Grass and High Tides - RB2 - Guitar - Hard

No Squeeze Path

Est. Score: 492,096
Instrument Path Short Notes Credit
Guitar 2(+1)-2-2-2(+1)-2(+1)-2(+1)-2-2-2(+1)-2-2-S2-2(+1)-2(+5) 1st: 1st RB chord
2nd: 2nd red note. Don't overlap OD!
3rd: 3rd yellow note.
4th: 2nd yellow note in the solo.
5th: 8th yellow note.
6th: 6th green note.
7th: 5th blue note.
8th: 1st blue note. Don't overlap OD!
9th: Note before 2nd orange sustain.
10th: 6th yellow note.
11th: NN.
12th: ASAP. Do not whammy or overlap OD!
13th: 2nd red note after 1st red sustain.
14th: 19th yellow note.
15th: NN.
Path by SmugDuckling. Text path by Voidedalive2x.

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