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Song Infobox
Song Information
Song The Camera Eye
Artist Rush
Game Rock Band 2
Platform(s) 360, PS3, Wii, XB1, PS4

The Camera Eye - RB2

Song Stats / Overdrive Pathing
Guitar Easy Medium Hard Expert
Bass Easy Medium Hard Expert
Drums Easy Medium Hard Expert
Vocals Easy Medium Hard Expert
Guitar+Bass Easy Medium Hard Expert
Guitar+Drums Easy Medium Hard Expert
Guitar+Vocals Easy Medium Hard Expert
Bass+Drums Easy Medium Hard Expert
Bass+Vocals Easy Medium Hard Expert
Drums+Vocals Easy Medium Hard Expert
No Guitar Easy Medium Hard Expert
No Bass Easy Medium Hard Expert
No Drums Easy Medium Hard Expert
No Vocals Easy Medium Hard Expert
Full Band Easy Medium Hard Expert

The Camera Eye is the fifth of the seven tracks that make up Rush's "Moving Pictures" album.

The structure of The Camera Eye is quite simple: It's one song, played twice through. After a synth opening of about 90 seconds, the first theme begins. It's has a standard rhythm with a series of held notes that should not present too much trouble for the player. The main theme begins at approximately 2:20, with one singular guitar rhythm presenting itself quite often: Dotted quarter note, dotted quarter note, quarter note. That sequence takes up a full measure, and it is prevalent throughout the song. The time signature starts at 4/4, but it changes drastically during the verses, and with the time change comes some chord progression that can get tricky with the changed rhythm. The time goes back to 4/4 quickly, though.

At approximately the 4:40 mark, the guitar rhythm changes to eighth-eighth-eighth-quarter-eighth-quarter through the secondary verses. These two guitar rhythms are the backbone to the song. At 5:50, the final verse is sung: "The focus is sharp in the city", and for all intents and purposes, the song is over at 6:00. Then, the song begins to repeat itself, from the introductory guitar theme straight through everything, only this time, at the 9:17 mark, the guitar solo begins. If you're not careful, the sixteenth-note passage toward the end of the solo will fail you out which can be very frustrating after ten minutes. Once you clear the solo, however, you're very nearly home-free as the song concludes.

The Camera Eye clocks in at 10:39 which makes it the second longest song in either Guitar Hero or Rock Band to date behind Jailbreak (Live). It can be a very frustrating song to FC on either guitar or bass, because of its sheer length and because the most difficult part of the song on guitar (the sixteenth-note passage in the solo) doesn't begin until the 9:52 mark of an 11-minute song. In that fashion, it's similar to song_gh3_one One from GH3 in length and chokability.

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