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Song Infobox
Song Information
Song Enter Sandman
Artist Metallica
Game Rock Band
Platform(s) PS2, 360, PS3, Wii

Enter Sandman - RB

Song Stats / Overdrive Pathing
Guitar Easy Medium Hard Expert
Bass Easy Medium Hard Expert
Drums Easy Medium Hard Expert
Vocals Easy Medium Hard Expert
Guitar+Bass Easy Medium Hard Expert
Guitar+Drums Easy Medium Hard Expert
Guitar+Vocals Easy Medium Hard Expert
Bass+Drums Easy Medium Hard Expert
Bass+Vocals Easy Medium Hard Expert
Drums+Vocals Easy Medium Hard Expert
No Guitar Easy Medium Hard Expert
No Bass Easy Medium Hard Expert
No Drums Easy Medium Hard Expert
No Vocals Easy Medium Hard Expert
Full Band Easy Medium Hard Expert

Artist: Metallica
Album: Metallica (also called "the Black Album") (1991)

This song isn't exportable to Rock Band 2.

Enter Sandman is the opening track to Metallica's self-titled album from 1991, and it is one of their most recognizable tracks.

The guitar part pretty much fits its place-setting among the Rock Band disc hierarchy. The part features grace notes in the introductory riff, some chord switches in the main riff that can be a little tricky, and a somewhat difficult solo. Getting five stars on this song for Expert guitar should not be too much of a trouble, and if you're any sort of a Metallica fan, you'll have an absolute blast playing this song.

The bass part for this song, on the other hand, does not fit its given ranking at all. In my (user_dps2002 dps2002) opinion, the Expert bass line to Enter Sandman is one of the easiest bass lines to be found in all of Rock Band. The player who can keep a consistent eighth-note rhythm is the player who can five-star this song with no effort at all, gold-star this song with minimal effort, and FC the song with some level of effort. In fact, the most difficult sections of the song take place when the second eighth note of a beat during the chorus sections ("Exit light, enter night") is replaced with sixteenth notes, and a three-note sequence is hammered on. The very first time I (user_dps2002 dps2002) played this song on Expert bass, I FC'ed it...and I don't consider myself among the best that Scorehero has to offer by any stretch of the imagination.

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