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The StarPower Podcast

StarPower is the official podcast of, which deals with happenings in the worlds of Guitar Hero, Rock Band and ScoreHero itself. The first Podcast was released in May 2007. The casts forerunners were John (User_No1ButU No1ButU), Elliott (User_toymachine toymachine), Mark (User_BigSwifty BigSwifty), Rob (User_fcphantom fcphantom) and Jed (Erm... User_Jed Jed). As time went on two new hosts were added: Sean (User_Phr34k Phr34k) and Frankie (User_FrankieB FrankieB).

As of November 5, the Podcast has released 21 episodes and one video episode, the most recent of which concerned Guitar Hero: World Tour.

Brief History

The Starpower Podcast was the brainchild of John (User_No1ButU No1ButU). His idea began with a post on the Scorehero forums asking if anyone would be interested, and indeed many people were. User_Jed Jed came along offering webspace and hosting ability, both of which were graciously accepted.

More hosts joined the project including Mark (User_BigSwifty BigSwifty), Elliott (User_toymachine toymachine), and Rob (user_fcphantom fcphantom). Later, Sean (User_Phr34k Phr34k) joined the crew. Everyone's been working together with great chemistry to make this little project worth listening to. It's gotten great reviews so far. We hope to bring you an even higher level of quality in the future.


User_HellAshes HellAshes, User_Jameslikecoulter Jameslikecoulter, User_Beberle2 Beberle2, User_Wulfe79 Wulfe79, User_Tipperqueen Tipperqueen, User_Wedge Wedge, User_PriestMLH PriestMLH, User_Kov Kov, User_Billtvshow Billtvshow, User_dho dho, User_rkcr rkcr, User_bumf00d bumf00d, User_psxfreak101 psxfreak101, User_NineInchNails NineInchNails, User_ChrisVance Chris Vance, Jordan Dodge, Moe (Drummer from the band Protest The Hero), Steve Ouimette, User_Lo7 Lo7, User_witwix witwix, User_GuitarHeroPhenom GuitarHeroPhenom, User_GuitarHailz GuitarHailz, User_Cyclone Cyclone, User_Rabies Rabies, User_Huwonk Huwonk, User_Someguy913 Someguy913, User_IBitePrettyHard IBitePrettyHard and many more!

Addicted 2 The Content

Addicted 2 The Content (A2TC) is a spinoff of StarPower that focuses on reviewing Rock Band DLC. The idea was originally User_Alakaiser Alakaiser's, who created 6 episodes of a podcast called "Fake Plastic Instruments", but after getting hired by Harmonix he was forced to discontinue his show. The Starpower team gladly picked up the idea and turned it into A2TC. Each episode features a reviewer for each instrument, along with input from the hosts, User_toymachine toymachine (primarily Vocals) and User_FrankieB FrankieB (primarily Guitar). As of October 5th, 3 episodes of A2TC have been released and a 4th is promised for the upcoming Offspring DLC.

Addicted to the content is currently on Hiatus

Links Of Interest

Official Website
StarPower's Facebook Group

Random Facts/Inside Jokes

"Sh*T in" - the antithesis to "shout out" a negative call out on the podcast.
"Kick the pregnant woman" - Mark (User_BigSwifty BigSwifty) had his connection dropped as he was joking about his wife being too audible on the recordings "well then I'll just kick the pregnant woman*disconnected* out". User_Sarmstr0ng Sarmstr0ng later noted he would make a song entitled as such. This song has been called the StarPower equivalent of Chinese Democracy.

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