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Star Ratings

Guitar Hero


At the end of playing a song in Guitar Hero, the player is awarded a rating from 3 to 5 stars (although it looks like the player can be given a 0 to 5 star rating on the result screen, 0, 1 and 2 star ratings are never given, even though a 2 star rating is technicaly possible).

The rating given depends solely on the score the player achieved. Different songs will have different values for 4 and 5 star ratings depending on the songs Base Score. For example, getting 400,00 points on The Way It Ends will give you a 5 star rating, but getting 400,000 on Through the Fire and Flames will only give you a 3 star rating.

In Guitar Hero 1, you must achieve an average multiplier of 2 for a 4 star rating and 3 for a 5 star rating.

In Guitar Hero 2, 80s, 3, On Tour and Aerosmith you must achieve an average multiplier of 2 for a 4 star rating and an average multiplier of 2.8 for a 5 star rating.

Extended Ratings

GH I2-star cutoff0 (lowest attainable rating on SH)3-star cutoff1 * BaseScore4-star cutoff2 * BaseScore5-star cutoff3 * BaseScore6-star cutoff4 * BaseScore7-star cutoff5 * BaseScore8-star cutoff6 * BaseScoreGH II/ 80s/ III/ Aerosmith 1.5-star cutoff0 (lowest attainable rating on SH) 2-star cutoff0.4 * BaseScore 3-star cutoff1.2 * BaseScore 4-star cutoff2.0 * BaseScore 5-star cutoff2.8 * BaseScore 6-star cutoff3.6 * BaseScore 7-star cutoff4.4 * BaseScore 8-star cutoff5.2 * BaseScore 9-star cutoff6.0 * BaseScore
On August 20, 2006, JCirri unveiled the "extended rating system." On ScoreHero, songs where the 4 star and 5 star cutoffs have been proven, scores can be given an "extended rating". It allows users to achieve 6, 7 and 8 star ratings (It may be possible that a 9 star rating is achievable on The Seeker in Guitar Hero 3 on co-op, but cutoffs have not been proved for it yet). It also allows scores to be given a fractional star rating, such as 4.3 stars and 6.7 stars. The extended rating are devised by simply extending the value of the 4 and 5 stars. For example, in Guitar Hero II, a player can achieve a 4 star rating by completing a song with a 2x average multiplier or achieve a 5 star by getting a 2.8x average multiplier. The difference between the two is a .8x average multiplier, so add .8 to the 5 star's 2.8 average multiplier to get a 6 star's average multiplier, or 3.6.

Rock Band

Details are shown in the Cutoff Formulas article.

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