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Methods to hit talkies in Rock Band

Make any sort of noise

These talkies are about as close to free points as you can expect. As the title says, if you make any sort of noise, you should fill the pie without issue. (Most RB2 Talkies)

Say the words as expected

Again, pretty simple - just speak the words at about the expected rhythm, and you should be fine. (Both RB1 and RB2)


Move the microphone a little further away and whisper (loudly) the words. Some people advocate turning the mic sensitivity way up, while others say 'way down' is the way to go. Try both - see what works best for you. (Various)

Precision Timing

These talkies are similar to "Say the words as expected", but require greater accuracy with regards to cadence.

Hard consonants

A subset of "Precision Timing", but certain "soft" consonants don't register as quickly as "hard" ones do, and the game engine doesn't recognize that you've stopped/started a new syllable. For example saying "miGage" instead of "mirage" in Sabotage on Rock Band 1.

"Pitched" talkies

These talkies seem to care about matching the underlying pitch than their talkie status would suggest. Treat it like a non-talkie - you'll have to use your ears to figure out what pitch, however, as there will be no tube-and-arrow to help you get it by sight. (Painkiller Talkies)

The Bag Method

Source - all specific song titles relate to 360/PS3 versions of the RB1 engine
Rubbing out phrases is pretty much exactly as it sounds. Rubbing the mic on anything, really, to get some tough talky parts. I like to rub into a particularly crunchy plastic bag. I use it in When You Were Young (all talkies, vid here), Sabotage (only the second "listen all of y'all it's a sabotage"), Train Kept A Rollin' (only the "Yeah, yeah wow!" phrase), and maybe one or two if I don't feel like actually risking it. Oh yeah, and make sure you have your sensitivity set to about half.

The sock and bag method is simply a variation of rubbing. I never use it, myself, but here's a vid explaining it: link

Get Lucky

Requires INCREDIBLE precision - beyond that which a human can do repeatedly, but which, with a combination of skill and a some good luck, are hittable after multiple attempts and carefully fine-tuning the hit window. (One Way or Another "get ya" talky)

Weird Noise

One talky can only be hit by making a loud, high-pitched scream for the game to register it. (Cherry Bomb talky at the end)


No known method or input will result in the pie spinning. Harmonix forgot to include data in the talky, making it impossible to hit. (Inside Out last talky, Alive (Live) first talky on 360/PS3)

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