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Tapping is a technique whereby the strumming hand is brought up to the fret buttons to play a sequence of Hammer-ons Hammer-ons and pull-offs.


It was first successfully used on Song_GH2_YouReallyGotMe You Really Got Me's Solo A, but became more widely used after User_microgamer2vs2 microgamer2vs2's video of him tapping Song_GH2_Jordan Jordan. Tapping gained much greater prominence with the release of Guitar Hero 3, as Song_GH3_ThroughTheFireAndFlames Through the Fire and Flame's Intro, They're Hammer-ons Hammer-ons, is much more difficult to play with one hand than it is tapping. Here is a VIDEO where IamChris4Life is tapping Through the fire and flames

In the song Song_GHA_LivinOnTheEdge Livin' on the Edge in Game_GuitarHeroAerosmith Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, there is a section called "Two Hand Tapping 101," which has slow HO/POs that are good for practicing or learning to tap.

One commonly used technique when tapping is elbow strumming to either begin a sequence of tapped hammer-ons or to recover from missing during a sequence.

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