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The Disasterbaters

The Disasterbaters is a two-piece Rock Band featuring user_MrBrownStain420 MrBrownStain420 on Drums and user_IWillKickU IWillKickU on Guitar. We play Rock Band and Rock Band 2. In June of '08 we completed the Endless Setlist. Which was the most epic moment in IWillKickU's seasoned video gaming career. So he wrotean epic story about it. If you have a couple hours free, I highly recommend that you click that link! Unfortunately, that was before IWillKickU had a gamertag, so he never got the achievements for it, and before The Disasterbaters was a ScoreHero band, so we did not record our scores for posterity.

The Disasterbaters picked up Rock Band 2 on launch nite from the local Wal-Mart, because thier Gamestop is super-lame and didn't have a midnight launch. They played until about 7:30 that morning, when IWillKickU's knees stopped working (he only plays standing up, you see) and he had to crash. Man, what a pussy! To his credit, in addition to staying up rediculously late, he had also indulged in more alchohal, tobacco, and .... other substances than is typically recommended, that night.

After launch night, The Disasterbaters took a brief haitus, because MrBrownStain is an attention whore and wanted to be #1 in the World in fans. He came pretty damn close, peaking at 2nd on XBL, but when XBL found out about his cheap fan pushing tactic, they fixed it, and took some of his fans away. And by some, I mean like 120,000,000. That gave MrBrown the encouragement that he needed to go back outside of his bedroom and remember what trees and grass look like. Since then, we've had a couple XBL sessions and an epic live session where we played Song_RB2_ConstantMotion Constant Motion.

MrBrown recently finished his Destroyer Pedal for WT. IWillKickU came over for some hard rockin' test sessions. Unfortunately, MrBrown scheduled cleaning day for the same day, and spent a good portion of the night scrubbing the shower. They played through all of the setlists that hadn't already been completed on that particular save file, but whoever played with MrBrown before IWillKickU showed up was playing on medium, so IWillKickU got crappy achievements instead of Expert ones. He's still a little bitter about that. Most of the night was actually spent bitching about how much they hate World Tour and would rather play RB2 anyways, but the pedal needed to be tested. Scores have been added below. They still hold cross-platform 1sts in Weapon of Choice and Hollywood nights.

Here's some scores:
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