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Hey all. This is my first time doing and writing a guide. There may be some spelling errors and all. If you found it unorganized, please tell it. I will try to make it better.

What is "The bladder of steel" achievement?

"The bladder of steel" achievement is unlock when you finish the endless set list 2 on Rock band 2 without pausing a single time. And today, I'm gonna show you some great tips to achieve that goal!

What do I unlock when I beat the endless set list without pausing?

When you beat the Endless set list, you'll unlock a vinyl icon if you beaten it on medium, a gold icon if on hard or a platinum if it's on expert. You'll also gonna have 25gs for doing "the bladder of steel" achievement.

Also, if you beat it on expert, it will also unlock the medium and hard achievement.

How do I unlock the Endless Setlist 2?:

You must have the city Shangai city and you must beat the rock immortal challenge to unlock the Endless Setlist 2

Before starting, here's some thing that will disable the achievement.

What will disabled the achievement?:

Before even thinking about doing it.

Bladder schedule:

You must know almost exactly what is your bladder schedule. It sounds weird but let me explain. I go to the toilet 3 times a day. One in the morning (7am), other at approx. 4pm and the last one at 9pm. So, you may wanna know when you usually go cause it will help you know when to start playing the endless set list. If you really need to go when you're in the middle of a song, ask your mom to bring a big bowl of some sort XD (South park reference).

Day schedule:

You need to plan first which doing you're gonna do this. First, make sure that it is not a school/college day for you. If you have a job, make sure that you're not working that day. Look if you have a family/marriage thingy plan. If so, then you can't do it that day. If the day you pick is free of school/work ect... You're good to go.

What time?:

The time is really important cause it will last for [b]6 Hours and 10 minutes[/b]. The time I recommend for you is 6am - 9am. The reason why so early it's because you're only gonna miss Lunch. If you start at 11am, you're skipping lunch time and dinner which is NOT good. If you start at 6am to 9am, you're only missing lunch time.

If you're the person that wakes up at 1pm and sleeps at 4am, you better start at like 6pm to 8pm.

Eating and drinking:

Eating and drinking is a big problem there. You're playing for like 6 hours straight and you can't pause one single time. Before starting, eat something BIG. Like eat something that equals to a lunch. Make sure your full and drink something before starting. Here's some thing that you can eat or drink while playing.

WARNING: If you drink too much water, your bladder will get full faster.

And here's some things that you should avoid.


Make sure that you're capable of doing this without problem. If you can't play for 2 hours straight, do NOT do this. If you have a bladder problem or eye problem of some sort, do NOT do this. When your on a song and you already have that 5*, just relax. You can miss some notes so that you can relax.

If you usually stand up, try to sit down for this. Think about it, if you stand the whole time, you'll be standing for 6 hours in one place without moving, that's going to hurt like hell. If your still standing up, make sure to have a chair around and sat down during small break.

The instrument you're using

Here's is some pros can cons about using a wireless or a wired controller.

All instruments



So basically, if you're using a wireless controller, use a new pair of batteries before starting. If you're using a wired controller, make sure that no one goes near the controller.

If you're using a wireless, a new pair of batteries will tough all the way without any problem. Make sure that you have a GOOD quality batteries though. There's also a coupon for some lithium battery when you purchase RB2.

Make sure that the only controller that is connected is yours only.

If you use a wired controller and it unplugged easily, put some tape on it so it stays there

fixing your instrument for the achievement

On every instrument, you would want to block the start and the xbox button. To do this, simply put a pepsi.... or Coca-cola cap on top of the button and put some tape so it will stick there. If you don't use the cap, always tilt for OD.

That's the way that TehBanStick did it.

text ^.^

What instrument and difficulty should I use?:

You should normally use the instrument you are best at. For the difficulties, use the best one that you can pass all song without problem. If you're taking Drums on expert and you can't pass vision on expert.... I can tell you that you're gonna be piss.

When you're doing it:

When to eat or go to the bathroom?

This will help you to know when to eat or go to the bathroom.

I would normally eat my chocolate bar when the song finished. I would take 2 or 3 bites.


- If you're playing with the guitar or bass, always alt strum gently. You will get less tired like this.

- If you're playing drums, hit the pads gently and the bass gently.

- If you're singing, don't sing loud. Humming can also help you get less tires. You would want to have a water bottle also.

- More people playing = the better. If someone fail, it doesn't disable the achievement. It will only disable if the band fails completely.

- If you're having a headache, turn your head away from the TV (when you can) and look at something else. It sure did help me! ^_^

- Make sure your chair your sitting there is comfortable.

- If possible, try to have someone in your house in case someone knocks the door or the phone is ringing, ect...

- It's better to not be online cause when you're online, lots of message pops in and it can distract you.

- Don't stress out. Have your head clear before you start.

- Keep a glass of water close enough to get at but far enough you wont knock it over. By the 70th song your hands are going to start to cramp, stick your fretting hand in the water during intermissions.

- Avoid XBL even if you're going solo. It's obvious why it disconnecting when you're playing with other people, but when you're solo and it disconnects the game freezes for about 30 seconds.

- Wash your hands before you try it. It might sound strange, but over six hours all the dirt on your hand is going to amass itself on the fret buttons, best it's only a little (and there will be some) and not a lot.

- Make sure your console is well ventilated, it's going to be on for a very long time. Furthermore it's going to be streaming data the entire time, meaning that it's going to be creating alot of heat.

- This one's kind of superficial but anyway, make sure you have your stand ins the way you want them. You can't change them and you're going to be looking at them for a while and you don't want to be distracted by the flamboyent blue and pink singer the game picked for you.

- For vox, you can say "tuh" for the cowbell parts so you dont get tired hitting the mic. Or you can just avoid any work and just press the "A" button on the controller.

- A little tip for any instrument is to turn the "busy" status on, you don't get any notifications.

- Check the weather! See what the forecast is going to be for that day. Make sure there isn't a thunderstorm, blizzard, or tornado happening in or near your area. Losing power in the middle of the ESL would just plain suck.

- You don't need to warm up first cause the beginning of the ESL is all easy song.

- Make sure you remove every kind of distraction.

- Lower the brightness on your Television. It might hurt your eyes due to the high brightness

- Make sure you hand isn't tired before you start.

- Gum helps a lot. It gives you some distraction from the pain in your hand or the pain in your bladder.

- Save star power for solos that you get less than 90% on. Maybe passing the painkiller solo isn't a problem but after playing 83 other songs that might change.

- When you are drumming and your foot gets tired (from play heel-up), try playing heel down for a couple bass strokes, and gently lifting your foot off the pedal to give your foot a rest on an easier song.

Thanks for reading the guide! If you want to add some stuff, please leave a comment here. If I'm missing some other stuff (like some things to eat), tell it also!

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