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The Nesquik Fanatics

The Nesquik Fanatics is a Guitar Hero Co-Op team composed of UndeadFil13QC and JoelC151. Most of the time, UndeadFil13QC plays lead, and JoelC151 plays bass or rhythm.

The Story

The team was created when UndeadFil13QC got his second plastic wiitar, and at the same moment JoelC151 happened to come at his house to play Co-Op. Trying to find a stupid name fitting with the members, they came up with The Nesquik Fanatics, Nesquik being the best chocolate drink ever made.

Joel went at Undead's house with his Xbox 360 and two guitars : his own X-Plorer and a Les Paul he borrowed. They had the plan to play every song on Expert Co-Op of GH2 360, GH3 360 and GH3 Wii. Holy shit, that's about 212 songs in one day !! The Nesquik Fanatics didn't reach their goal, but still got through GH2 360 and GH3 Wii.


The Nesquik Fanatics/Nesquik Power! thread on ScoreHero

Stricken FC
Before I Forget FC 1st place
Walk This Way (Run DMC) FC 7 times
Elephant Bones random FC (bass sightread)
Several GH3 first places
Take This Life FC
My Curse FC
Nothing For Me Here FC 1st place
Monsters reFC 1st place
Number Of The Beast FC 1st place
Helicopter FC 1st place
Knights Of Cydonia FC 1st place
Raining Blood FC 1st place
Black Sunshine FC
Don't Hold Back FC
Impulse FC
Holiday In Cambodia FC
66 FCs
First place in overall GH3 rankings

Latest FC: Holiday In Cambodia (#66)

First places (global)
Lay Down
Holiday In Cambodia
Black Magic Woman
Cherub Rock
Black Sunshine
Knights Of Cydonia
Rock You Like A Hurricane
Raining Blood
Don't Hold Back
Hier Kommt Alex
I'm In The Band
In Love
Minus Celsius


GH3 goals
My Curse FC [X]
Increase TTFAF score [/] by another bit
F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X. FC [X] woohoo !!
Helicopter FC [X] overdue
Raining Blood FC [X] That's an X in the box !!!!!!!!!!!
Knights Of Cydonia FC [X] YEAH !!
65 FCs [X] 66 !!!

GH:WT goals
More co-op FCs (Eye Of The Tiger = #1)
Have moar fun -competition sucks-


Their GH:WT/RB team name is "Nesquik Power!".
They play in the same house instead of online.
They drink Nesquik for real (no kidding).


My Name Is Jonas Double FC
Mauvais Garçon 100% overstrum
Cult Of Personality (no FC)
One 1,1 million points
The Way It Ends 747K
Jordan 539K with tapping
Before I Forget Double FC
TTFAF 1,1 million points
Rock You Like A Hurricane Double FC
The Number Of The Beast 912K
Helicopter 747K
Walk This Way (Run DMC) Double FC

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