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Tour Challenges

Money Rewards for Tour Challenges

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In Rock Band 1, players progressed throughout songs in the game by completing each tier of songs in a linear fashion. After each song in a tier was completed the player would move on to the next tier. In Rock Band 2, players are challenged in many different ways with the new "Tour Challenge" game mode in Rock Band 2. With the 84 standard on disc songs there are 81Verification Needed challenges to compete in, progressing from the Local Upstart Challenges all the way to the Impossible Challenges. The premise of the "Tour Challenge" mode is that it challenges the user to play a predetermined set of songs that the user may not choose in the difficulty sets. The player must also play all of these songs in one set so if you score a certain amount of points on the second song of a challenge you can not change that score unless you go back and replay the whole challenge. An additional feature to challenge mode is the ability to save a set list in the middle of a challenge without losing progress. So if a player was competing in the "Blood Sugar Sex Magik" Album by The Red Hot Chili Peppers they would be able to save their progress if they were 12 songs into the challenge, and continue at a later time. There are many different kinds of challenges sorted throughout the mode. There are some challenges that require a certain number of band members and there are also challenges specific to a certain instrument. The main Instrument challenges are unlocked by progressing through each of a specific interments challenge. To unlock each instruments "Impossible Challenge" you must complete each Challenge for that instrument in each Challenge tier (usually denoted by an instrument icon).

Additional Challenges

Rock Band 2 comes packaged with 81Verification Needed challenges fresh out of the box, but with the Tour Challenge mode a user can greatly expand the number of challenges they can complete by purchasing DLC off of the Xbox Live Marketplace or the Playstation Store or by exporting songs from the original Game_RockBand Rock Band. Once a certain criteria has been met a new challenge will appear. This will usually occur when there are three songs from the same band present on the users hard drive. There are also Album challenges that will appear when a user has purchased a full album of a certain band. i.e. Rush's "Moving Pictures" There are also other challenges that appear on the main rock band disc without purchasing DLC including Genre challenges like "Metal" Challenges, and Decade based challenges like "90's Hits".

Dynamic Challenges

Due to the dynamic nature of how the Tour Challenges are created based on the user's song library, one user's Tour Challenges could be different from another user's. For example, if a user only had these three Weezer Songs, Dreamin', Say it Ain't So, and Buddy Holly, they would see a Weezer Challenge appear in the Local Upstarts tier. There is still a debate as to how this process actually takes place. According to Dan Teasdales blog (after the site update its in the Comments section) for Wednesday, August 27, 2008, the order is:
There is no official word from Harmonix as to why a Punk Pack 01 Challenge does not exist, however the cause is that the "Pack Name" variable was never included for Ever Fallen in Love, so the game only detects two songs in the pack, and thus does not create a challenge.

List of challenges by category

This page lists only the challenge names, number of songs, and any special requirements. For full challenge setlists, please see TourChallengesSetlists.

The Impossible Challenges (19 challenges)

Legendary Act (29 challenges)

Headliner (33 challenges)

Chart Topper (31 challenges)

Opening Act (31 challenges)

Underground Favorite (17 challenges)

Local Upstart (6 challenges)

Challenge Prerequisites

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