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Rock Band 2 Unlockables

Just like Game_RockBand Rock Band, Game_RockBand2 Rock Band 2 has several instruments and clothing which are unlocked for completing certain things.

Note: An asterix (*) denotes the item is also purchasable in the Rock Shop and if previously purchased it will not be rewarded

Impossible Challenge Unlockables

These items are unlocked by completing one of the Impossible Challenges in Tour Challenge mode.
Setlist Clothing Reward Instrument Rewards
Impossible Guitar Challenge Ultimate Rock Outfit Gold Guitar
Impossible Bass Challenge Ultimate Punk Outfit The Bomb Bass*
Impossible Drums Challenge Ultimate Goth Outfit Gold Drum Kit
Impossible Vocals Challenge Ultimate Metal Outfit Gold Microphone
Final Band Challenge Rearview Chaps/Worn in the USA Chaps (Male/Female) Silver Instruments (Guitar, Drums, Microphone) (No Bass)
Impossible Marathon #2 None Crazy Instruments* (The Goat Head (Guitar), The Goat Head Bass, Hobo Crate Kit, Sonic Transducer)

World Tour Mode Unlockables

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