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dream weaver stats


1.  Information 
2.  Music Career 
3.  Early Gaming Career 
4.  Dance Dance Revolution Career 
5.  Guitar Hero Career 
6.  Rock Band Career 
7.  Other Games 
8.  Statistics 
8.5.  Highest Ranking Songs & All Song Scores 
9.  Banners 
9.5.  Banners I've Made 
10.  Other Info 
11.  iTunes Videos 
12.  Songs I Can Rock! 
13.  Interesting Facts 
14.  Interesting Facts 2 
15.  FC List 
16.  DDR AAA List 

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Thanks for nominating me User Of The Week for 1/17/09!!!!! :D

New Sections Completed: iTunes Videos/TV Shows List, Interesting Facts 2, GH/RB Banners

Note: If you need help with a hit counter, PM me.

This is my newest attempt at making a new, Wikipedia-esque page, unlike the first. Complete with gramatical errors, I try to make this page as well as I can because I'm not a good computer techie. (No offense to those who are who might be reading this.) :D
Other Pages I Own!!! - All Rock Band Lyrics, Rock Band 1 On Disc Lyrics, Rock Band Track Packs/Exclusive Lyrics

1. Information

Name: Alex G.
Age: 18
Birthday: November 1st
Occupation: Monster Mini Golf Associate
No. of Guitars: 14
  1. 2 Red Red Octane SG's (wired)
  2. 1 Black Red Octane SG (wired)
  3. 1 Black Ant Commandos Shredder (wireless)
  4. 1 White Red Octane Firebird V (wireless)
  5. 1 Black Nyko Explorer (wireless)
  6. 1 Black Red Octane Kramer (wireless)
  7. 1 Black Rock Band Stratocaster (wireless)
  8. 2 GHWT Guitar (Brown & Red)(wireless)(may be the Gibson Longhorn Double Cut)
  9. 1 Black Ant Commandos Double Range V (wireless PS2 & PS3)
  10. 1 Red Jay Turser Stratocaster (electric)
  11. 1 Black Squier Stratocaster (electric)
  12. 1 Acoustic Guitar (with Amp Jack)
Other Accessories:
  1. Rock Band Drum Kit
  2. Star Power/Whammy Bar Pedal
  3. Block Heads' Pedal Replacement/Hit Kit
  4. Microphone Stand
  5. Singstar Microphones (Fit Nicely In Stand)
Favorite Guitar: Black Nyko Explorer
Lucky Guitar: White Firebird V
Favorite Guitar Hero: Guitar Hero 3
Number of Music Games: 38
Number of Guitar Hero's: 11
Number of Rock Band's: 6
Number of Dance Dance Revolutions: 15
Name of Band(s): Cat Killerz (All Guitar Hero's and Rock Band)/1 Man 2 Sounds (Rock Band Single Vocals and Guitar)/Fallen Sally (Rock Band Coop Vocals and Guitar w/ sister)
How to Say My Username: 2003-o-4-1 (Two Thousand Three O [as in oats] Four One)
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2. Music Career

My life in music started early. My parents bought me a small toy keyboard, where I was able to play tunes by ear, most memorably "My Heart Will Go On". I was even able to play a toy accordian at my cousin's house, which actually made my uncle say "That thing makes music?!?" This made my mom get me piano lessons for about two years, but, never doing the practice at home, I dropped the lessons. After moving to Middleboro and Middle School in the same summer, I wanted to join the school band. The school system starts band in 4th grade and the band conductor was reluctant to let me join, but my mom pleaded and made a deal that I would learn any instrument he picked for me by the end of the first marking period or else I'd quit. Pretty soon I was playing the trombone and, with after school lessons taught by him, I was at the top by the end of the time period, where my instructor said to my mom, "Well, I've never been more happy to be proven wrong." I was eventually reffered to take lessons, which I did for a year and then quit. Senior year in high school was when I decided to buy an electric guitar and transcribe what I was playing in video games into real life. Currently, I teach myself the piano and guitar and I play trombone for the Boston College Screaming Eagles and the Boston College Pep Band. Memorable piano pieces I've learned include Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen and Jump by Van Halen and have even made a piano arrangement for Dream On by Aerosmith. Guitar, I have learned Iron Man by Black Sabbath with tabs and Knights of Cydonia by Muse and Dream On by Aerosmith by ear. By the original start by joekickass1234 and the follow-through od AgreenPastel, I was part of an online band who's goal was to create GH Custom Songs Post Found Here, but that fell through. Currently, I am playing Open Mic Night at Newberry Comics in Norwood with my first performance September 25. I would like to be a regular, so if you live in the area and want to listen to live GH and RB music, Norwood, MA would be the place to go the last Friday of each month.

Band Trips and Notables
Open Mic Night Selists

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3. Early Gaming Career

I started out on a Nintendo Super Entertainment system, NES, playing The Super Mario Brothers and Duck Hunt. Though I could never beat it, this honed my love for video games. I also played my cousin's SEGA Genesis a lot, especially Mortal Combat and Sonic the Hedgehog. Luckily, at my young age, I wasn't tempted to rip anyone's spine out of their body with their head. I then got my uncle's PlayStation, which I took to right away, playing every Crash Bandicoot and Spyro there was. I also got my first DDR game for the PS and was hooked. I was also a very big arcade junkie at a young age, mastering pinball, racing, oldies arcade games like Pacman, air hockey, and crane machines. I currently own the second high score for a The Sopranos Pinball at a rest stop on Route 24 between exit 13A and 13B and the high score in Galaga at the Bridgewater Ice Arena, where I have worked for 6 years.I also have not lost an air hockey game in over 3 years and won a tournament during a winter camp I attended in 10th grade, where the beginning of the tournament was the start of the streak. Then I got a Nintendo Game Boy Advanced. I got a PS2 for christmas and have since added a second PS2, my own SEGA Genesis, a Gamecube, a Nintendo DS and an XBOX by myself and a Nintendo Wii for another Christmas.

Game Console List (Own Now)
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4. Dance Dance Revolution Career

In the summer of 2001, right before my family moved into our new home in Middleboro, we went to Old Orchard Beach, Maine for a few days before staying there for a month afterwards. In the main arcade near the pier. I tried it and, even though I failed first try, I instantly fell in love. There was one girl there who was really good and we asked her about this game and she told my mom and I that there was a home version of the game. Later that night, when we were leaving for home to see our new house, my mom bought me Dance Dance Revolution Konamix complete with a plastic dance pad for the PlayStation. I completed the training and was able to play my first song in that first night, Higher. After playing for a few years, my skills progressed and I moved up to standard and eventually maniac, as expert used to be called, all on the same pad that I started with. Eventually, I got the new DDR's, but my pad was failing on me. The wire connecting the pad to the console was failing and eventually, no duct tape could help fix this. I eventually upgraded to dance pads that had foam inserts, but my weight was too much and dented the arrows so triple hits occured. I was finally able to afford a metal DDR pad and have now owned it for 3 years. My most memorable moment happened on August 6, 2006, where I AAA'd my very first song on Expert. Though I was trying to AAA Kick The Can by Bus*Stop, I took a break from the song and played the song air by dj TAKA. It was my first try for the song, not sightreading, and I didn't even realize what I had done until the screen flipped to the stats. I left the screen the way it was for two days because of the jubilation I felt and eventually got a picture of this moment. I currently can play every song on Expert and most on Challenge and currently have 137 AAA's on Heavy and Challenge (You can see the pics in slideshows here.) My only setback was breaking my right ankle on January 18, 2008. I had two surgeries on my ankle and couldn't walk on it for 4 months total. I had a plate and 7 screws, but currently have 6 now from the second surgery. Pictures Here. I defeated the champion of a DDR tournament in a best of 3 songs after the tournament was over when our town had a Guitar Hero/DDR/Super Smash Bros. Brawl tournament, where you could only sign up for 1 tournament.
DDR's Owned

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5. Guitar Hero Career

One day in early 2006, my friend invited me to his house and at the time was borrowing Guitar Hero 1 from another friend. He let me try it and I was able to complete Killer Queen first try on medium. From there I was hooked. I didn't purchase the game myself until Thanksgiving of 2006, where I purchased both Guitar Hero 1 & 2, and boy was my mom furious. Luckily, my skills progressed very quickly and I was able to move up to the expert level. My big thing was trying to purchase the new guitars that Red Octane came out with and eventully collected 8 extra guitars in the process, thanks to my mom knowing I like the guitar and game packs. One interesting fact is that the first three Guitar Hero's, GH1, GH2 and GH80s, were all purchased in North Carolina when I was visiting my cousin. GH 1 & 2 were purchased during Thanksgiving of 2006 and 80s was purchased on the release in the summer of 2007. It took me well over 100 tries to beat Jordan, but after I did this on February 15, 2008, I took a picture of the newspaper score and the stats page, which were my first Guitar Hero pictures. This incident started my picture frenzy, where I started taking pictures of 100%'s, FC's, and accomplishments for Guitar Hero. It took me relatively long to beat Lou the Devil in the final match (I think I was up to 73 when I beat him) and I knew that the hardest song was unlocked after beating the game, so I played and beat the game on Hard in about 2 days. I eventually beat the devil and set my sights on Through the Fire and Flames. I used the "Quarter/Rubber Band" trick to help me get the tapping down, but this took me a few months to fully understand the technique. Finally, after about 94 times of trying and no longer using the rubber band and quarters, I passed for the first time on March 27, 2008. The rubber band I had previously used was still attached to the top of the neck of the guitar and is still there as my good luck charm. The guitar used to pass both songs was the White Red Octane Firebird V, which is why this is my lucky guitar. After 5 starring all the main set list songs in Guitar Hero 3, My new goal was to do the same in every other Guitar Hero; 5* all the main set list songs and possibly their bonus songs. In June of 2008, I entered my first Guitar Hero tournament, where I was the first to sign up. I eventually won, winning every song played. The last song that I played against an opponent in the tournament, Knights of Cydonia, I started out backwards for the Intro until the main hold series and I still beat him by 100,000 points.
I Do!

Guitar Hero's Owned
Major Accomplishments
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6. Rock Band Career

I can't really say much about my career in Rock Band, but I remember that I bought the whole band set 2 weeks after Christmas with my Christmas money. It took 15 stores to find the PS2 band set and the store that I did buy it from had only 1 left before I purchased it. I was very close to beating the drum expert set list when halfway through Won't Get Fooled Again, the drum pedal snapped in half. Now I'm waiting to get money for a new drum set. I played mostly in the summer and for the two weeks I had to spend on my couch when I broke my ankle, but since college I have picked it up again. I recently 6 starred the whole set, ending with Run To The Hills on November 16, 2008. I have only one song that I have FC'ed on Drums on Expert: I Think I'm Paranoid on June 16, 2008. This was actually my first FC for any instrument on the game on Expert or any other difficulty. I currently have a Solo Guitar Band, a Solo Drum Band, a Guitar/Vocal Band by myself, and a Vocal/Guitar Band with my older sister. I do not use the Stratocaster because it doesn't click when you strum and it doesn't help. I use the Guitar Hero guitar.

Rock Band's Owned
Major Accomplishments
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7. Other Games

In addition to these music based game, I also own many other music based games, such as Donkey Konga 1 & 2, Elite Beat Agents, and Beatmania. My favorite is the Elite Beat Agents for the Nintendo DS. I have an A for every song on the hardest level. The reason I love this game is the different songs it has and because of the fun animations. I also enjoy Singstar and Karaoke Revolution just because of the fun it entails with it. My concern was I had to shut the door when I played. I also enjoy racing games a lot as well as sports games, currently NCAA 09 for the 360. The weird thing about me and sports games is I don't update sports games every year, but about every 3 years, just because of how extensive it is. I also enjoy the kid action games, such as Gex: Enter the Gecko, Crash Bandicoot and Spyro. I am an all around gamer, but with more of a focus now on music based games.
The Pinball Wizard's Machine

Other Music Based Games I Own

Notable Accomplishments
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8. Statistics


Guitar Hero Stats

Guitar Hero 1 2 80s 3 3 DLC OT A WT OT:D M SH 5 VH
Songs Completed 47/47 64/64 30/30 70/70 10/10 26/26 41/41 86/86 0/28 52/52 48/48 47/85 10/47
4* 47/47 64/64 30/30 70/70 10/10 26/26 41/41 84/84 0/28 52/52 48/48 47/85 10/47
5* 47/47 64/64 30/30 70/70 10/10 26/26 41/41 84/84 0/28 52/52 48/48 47/85 9/47
6* 37/47 50/64 28/30 67/70 2/9 21/26 39/41 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
7* 11 22 13 53 2/9 8 29 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
8* N/A 1 1 6 0 0 3 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
100% 16/47 14/64 9/30 46/70 0/10 5/27 25/41 33/86 0/28 14/52 19/48 30/85 2/47
FC's 16/47 14/64 8/30 46/70 0/10 5/26 25/41 32/86 0/28 14/52 19/48 29/85 2/47
Current Rank 416th 1328th 895th 317th(PS2) 109th 70th(PS2) 71st 37th 16th 53rd 32nd

Guitar Hero Extra Stats

Guitar Hero On Tour On Tour World Tour
Difficulty Easy Medium Expert Bass
Completed 26/26 26/26 13/84
4* 26/26 26/26 13/84
5* 26/26 26/26 13/84
6* 1 26/26 ?
7* N/A 26 ?
8* N/A 0 ?
100% 26/26 26/26 12/84
FC's 26/26 26/26 10/84


Rock Band Expert Stats (PS2)

Instrument RB1 Guitar RB1 Bass RB2 Guitar Track Pack 1 Guitar Track Pack 2 Guitar AC/DC Guitar Classic Rock Guitar
4* 58/58 4/58 84/84 20/20 20/20 18/18 20/20
5* 58/58 4/58 84/84 20/20 20/20 18/18 20/20
Gold Star 58/58 4/58 78/84 17/20 18/20 10/18 20/20
100% 37/58 4/58 35/84 5/20 10/20 1/18 8/20
FCs 37/58 4/58 35/84 5/20 10/20 1/18 8/20

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8.5. Highest Ranking Songs & All Scores

Click the game name for individual high score list.
Guitar Hero 1 - Story Of My Love - 244th
Guitar Hero 2 - Search And Destroy - 622nd
Guitar Hero Encore: Rock's the 80s - Caught In A Mosh - 628th
Guitar Hero 3 - Impulse - 130th
Guitar Hero 3 (PS3) - I Am Murloc - 24th
Guitar Hero: On Tour (Easy) - Heaven - 10th
Guitar Hero: On Tour (Medium) - This Love - 11th
Guitar Hero: On Tour (Expert) - Jet Airliner - 57th
Guitar Hero: Aerosmith - Let The Music Do The Talking - 16th
Guitar Hero: World Tour (Solo Guitar) - Parabola - 21st
Guitar Hero: World Tour (Solo Bass) - Beautiful Disaster - 19th
Guitar Hero: Metallica - Mommy's Little Monster - Live - 20th
Guitar Hero: Smash Hits - Unsung (Live In Chicago) - 13th
Guitar Hero 5 - Ex-Girlfriend - 4th
Guitar Hero: Van Halen - Runnin' With The Devil - 3rd
Rock Band 1 (Solo Guitar) - Dead On Arrival - 37th
AC/DC Live Track Pack (Solo Guitar) - Heatseeker (Live) - 9th
Rock Band Track Pack 1 (Solo Guitar) - March Of The Pigs - 14th
Rock Band Track Pack 2 (Solo Guitar) - Girls Who Play Guitars - 13th
Rock Band 2 (Solo Guitar) - Girl's Not Grey - 11th
Rock Band Classic Rock Track Pack (Solo Guitar) - Love Spreads & Hymn 43 - 2nd

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9. Banners


9.5. Banners I've Made


10. Other Info

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11. iTunes Videos


The Adventures of Milo and Otis Airheads All Dogs Go To Heaven The Amazing Jonathan: Wrong On Every Level (W/ Deleted Scenes) Anger Management The Animal
Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me Austin Powers: Goldmember Balto Balto II: Wolf Quest Balto III: Wings of Change
Bambi Bedtime Stories Big Daddy Billy Madison Bleach The Movie: Memories of Nobody Bleach The Movie 2: The Diamond Dust Rebellion
Bolt Brother Bear The Brothers Grimm Caddyshack Cars Coneheads
Dumbo Dungeons and Dragons Eight Crazy Nights El Dorado Epic Movie Evolution
The Ex Family Guy: Blue Harvest Futurama: Beast With A Billion Backs Futurama: Bender's Big Score Futurama: Bender's Game Futurama: Into The Wild Green Yonder
Going Overboard A Goofy Movie Happy Feet Happy Gilmore Hoodwinked The Hot Chick
Howl's Moving Castle I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry Ice Age Ice Age 2 The Incredibles Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark
Jackass Jackass 2 Jackass Presents: Mat Hoffman's Tribute To Evel Knievel Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back Jeff Dunham: Arguing With Myself Jeff Dunham: Spark of Insanity
Jeff Dunham's Very Special Christmas Special Knocked Up The Lion King The Lion King 1 1/2 Little Miss Sunshine Little Nicky
The Longest Yard Mean Girls Miracle Mixed Nuts Monsters Vs. Aliens Monty Python and The Holy Grail
Monty Python's The Life of Brian Monty Python's The Meaning of Life Mr. Deeds Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe The Producers Punch-Drunk Love
Radio Rain Man Reign Over Me The Ringer Robin Hood: Men In Tights S and M
Saturday Night Live: The Best of Adam Sandler Scary Movie Scary Movie 2 Scary Movie 3 Scary Movie 4 School of Rock
Scooby-Doo (Live Action) Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed Shakes The Clown Shrek Shrek 2 Shrek the Third
The Simpsons Movie South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut South Park: Imaginationland Spanglish Spiderman Spiderman 2
Stand By Me Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story Superbad WALL-E War of the Worlds The Waterboy
The Wedding Crashers The Wedding Singer Where the Red Fern Grows You, Me and Dupree You Don't Mess With The Zohan (UR) 50 First Dates

TV Shows

Television Show Season(s) Season(s) To Be Added
Avatar: The Last Airbender 1, 2, 3 None
Berserk 1 None
Bleach 1, 2, 3 None
Cromartie High School 1 None
Family Guy 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 None
Futurama 1, 2, 3, 4 None
Ghost Hunters 1, 2 None (At the Moment)
The Office 1, 2, 3, 4 None
The Simpsons 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 20
South Park 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12


Best Of YouTube Around The Horn Around The Horn (Video) FilmCow Podcast
Happy Tree Friends

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12. Songs I Can Rock!

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13. Interesting Facts

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14. Interesting Facts 2

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15. FC List

FC List Directory


1. I Love Rock & Roll (GH1)
2. Hey (GH1)
3. I Wanna Be Sedated (GH1)
4. Unsung (GH1)
5. Bulls On Parade (GH3)
6. Miss Murder (GH3)
7. My Name Is Jonas (GH3)
8. Talk Dirty To Me (GH3)
9. When You Were Young (GH3)
10. We Got The Beat (GH:80s)
11. Metal Heavy Lady (GH3)
12. Soy Bomb (GH2)
13. Sabotage (GH3)
14. Closer (GH3)
15. Story Of My Life (GH3)
16. Mississippi Queen (GH3)
17. Surrender (GH2)
18. Heart-Shaped Box (GH2)
19. Killer Queen (GH1)
20. I Think Im Paranoid (RB1)
21. Mississippi Queen (RB1)
22. Here It Goes Again (RB1)
23. Blitzkrieg Bop (RB1)
24. Orange Crush (RB1)
25. Say It Aint So (RB1)
26. Sabotage (RB1)
27. When You Were Young (RB1)
28. Reptilia (RB1)
29. All The Small Things (GH:OT)
30. Jessies Girl (GH:OT)
31. Were Not Gonna Take It (GH:OT)
32. Draw The Line (GH:A)
33. Dream Police (GH:A)
34. Dream On (GH:A)
35. Paranoid (GH3)
36. China Grove (GH:OT)
37. Radio Song (GH3)
38. Slow Ride (GH3)
39. Make It (GH:A)
40. Uncle Salty (GH:A)
41. Sex Type Thing (GH:A)
42. Los Angeles (GH:80s)
43. Anarchy In The U.K. (GH3)
44. Stellar (GH1)
45. Schools Out (GH3)
46. Generation Rock (GH3)
47. X-Stream (GH2)
48. Do What You Want (GH:OT)
49. Lay Down (GH3)
50. Paint It Black (GH3)
51. Obstacle 1 (GH:WT)
52. What Ive Done (GH:WT)
53. Eye Of The Tiger (GH:WT)
54. Aggro (GH:WT)
55. More Than A Feelin (GH1)
56. Sunshine Of Your Love (GH3)
57. Vinternoll2 (GH:WT)
58. Should I Stay Or Should I Go (RB1)
59. Maps (RB1)
60. Time We Had (RB1)
61. Day Late, Dollar Short (RB1)
62. Wave Of Mutilation (RB1)
63. The Hand That Feeds (RB1)
64. 29 Fingers (RB1)
65. Im So Sick (RB1)
66. Learn To Fly (RB1)
67. Go With The Flow (RB1)
68. Seven (RB1)
69. Detroit Rock City (RB1)
70. Celebrity Skin (RB1)
71. Electric Version (RB1)
72. Gimme Shelter (RB1)
73. Reptilia (RB1)
74. Next To You (RB1)
75. Tom Sawyer (RB1)
76. About A Girl (Unplugged) (GH:WT)
77. Beautiful Disaster (GH:WT)
78. The One I Love (GH:WT)
79. Band On The Run (GH:WT)
80. Hier Kommt Alex (GH3)
81. Today (GH:WT)
82. Everlong (GH:WT)
83. Re-Education Through Labor (GH:WT)
84. Sail Your Ship By (GH1)
85. Dead On Arrival (RB1)
86. Float On (GH:WT)
87. Ruby (GH3)
88. Welcome To The Jungle (GH3)
89. Mauvais Garcon (GH3)
90. Up Around The Bend (GH:WT)
91. She Bangs The Drums (GH3)
92. Fat Lip (GH1)
93. Behind The Mask (GH1)
94. Eureka, Ive Found Love (GH1)
95. Story Of My Love (GH1)
96. Even Rats (GH1)
97. Hey You (GH1)
98. Callout (GH1)
99. Mr. Fix It (GH2)
100. Parasite (GH2)
101. Radium Eyes (GH2)
102. Cant You Hear Me Knockin (GH2)
103. Rooftops (A Liberation Broadcast) (GH:WT)
104. Youre Gonna Say Yeah! (GH:WT)
105. Freak On A Leash (GH:WT)
106. Misery Business (GH:WT)
107. Hotel California (GH:WT)
108. Dammit (GH:WT)
109. You Shook Me All Night Long (Live) (RB AC/DC)
110. Eye Of The Tiger (RB2)
111. My Own Worst Enemy (RB2)
112. Float On (RB2)
113. Hungry Like The Wolf (RB2)
114. Pretend Were Dead (RB2)
115. Drain You (RB2)
116. We Got The Beat (RB2)
117. Hello There (RB2)
118. Today (RB2)
119. Cool For Cats (RB2)
120. One Step Closer (RB2)
121. Thats What You Get (RB2)
122. Rebel Girl (RB2)
123. So Watcha Want (RB2)
124. Livin On A Prayer (RB2)
125. Kids In America (RB2)
126. Lump (RB2)
127. The Warrior (GH80s)
128. Shakin' (GH80s)
129. In Bloom (RB1)
130. Suffragette City (RB1)
131. Main Offender (RB1)
132. (Dont Fear) The Reaper (RB1)
133. Paranoid (RB1)
134. I Get By (RB1)
135. Are You Gonna Be My Girl (RB1)
136. All The Small Things (RBTP1)
137. Interstate Love Song (RBTP1)
138. More Than A Feelin (RBTP1)
139. Crushcrushcrush (RBTP1)
140. March Of The Pigs (RBTP1)
141. Time Is Running Out (RBTP2)
142. El Scorcho (RBTP2)
143. Girl U Want (RBTP2)
144. Monkey Gone To Heaven (RBTP2)
145. Call Me (RBTP2)
146. Simple Man (RBTP2)
147. Why Do You Love Me (RBTP2)
148. It Hurts (RBTP2)
149. Girls Who Play Guitars (RBTP2)
150. This Aint A Scene, Its An Arms Race (RBTP2)
151. Hit Me With Your Best Shot (GH3)
152. Rock and Roll All Night (GH3)
153. La Grange (GH3)
154. Even Flow (GH3)
155. Can't Be Saved (GH3)
156. Prayer of the Refugee (GH3)
157. Minus Celsius (GH3)
158. Cities Aflame with Rock & Roll (GH3)
159. Barracuda (GH3)
160. Spirit in the Sky (RB2)
161. White Wedding (Part 1) (RB2)
162. Avalancha (GH3)
163. 3's & 7's (GH3)
164. Suck My Kiss (GH3)
165. Impulse (GH3)
166. The Metal (GH3)
167. I Was Wrong (RB2)
168. E-Pro (RB2)
169. Nine in the Afternoon (RB2)
170. Bad Reputation (RB2)
171. American Woman (RB2)
172. Lonely is the Night (GH80s)
173. New Girl in School (RB2)
174. Go Your Own Way (RB2)
175. PDA (RB2)
176. Pinball Wizard (RB2)
177. American Woman (GH:WT)
178. Monsoon (GH:WT)
179. Some Might Say (GH:WT)
180. One Way or Another (GH:WT)
181. Monkey Wrench (GH2)
182. My Curse (GH3)
183. Kool Thing (GH3)
184. Cherub Rock (RB1)
185. In Love (GH3)
186. In the Belly of a Shark (GH3)
187. Uncontrollable Urge (RB2)
188. Give It All (RB2)
189. For Whom The Bell Tolls (GH:M)
190. Nothing Else Matters (GH:M)
191. Enter Sandman (GH:M)
192. Turn the Page - Live (GH:M)
193. Stone Cold Crazy (GH:M)
194. The Unforgiven (GH:M)
195. Mother of Mercy (GH:M)
196. No Excuses (GH:M)
197. Albatross (GH:M)
198. No Leaf Clover (GH:M)
199. Hey Man, Nice Shot (GH:WT)
200. Blood Doll (RB1)
201. Toxicity (GH:M)
202. All The Young Dudes (GH:A)
203. Cat Scratch Fever (GH:A)
204. Complete Control (GH:A)
205. Pandoras Box (GH:A)
206. Movin Out (GH:A)
207. No Surprize (GH:A)
208. All Day And All Of The Night (GH:A)
209. I Hate Myself For Loving You (GH:A)
210. Personality Crisis (GH:A)
211. Livin On The Edge (GH:A)
212. Cant Stand Losing You (RB:CRTP)
213. All Right Now (RB:CRTP)
214. The Joker (RB:CRTP)
215. Red Barchetta (RB:CRTP)
216. California ber Alles (RB:CRTP)
217. Truth Hits Everybody (RB:CRTP)
218. Hymn 43 (RB:CRTP)
219. Closer To The Heart (RB:CRTP)
220. Livin On A Prayer (GH:WT)
221. The Joker (GH:WT)
222. Go Your Own Way (GH:WT)
223. Everlong (RB2)
224. Parabola (GH:WT)
225. Schism (GH:WT)
226. The Middle (RB2)
227. A Jagged Gorgeous Winter (RB2)
228. One Way Or Another (RB2)
229. I Love Rock N Roll (GH:SH)
230. Killer Queen (GH:SH)
231. Cherry Pie (GH:SH)
232. Woman (GH:SH)
233. Hey You (GH:SH)
234. Stellar (GH:SH)
235. Them Bones (GH:SH)
236. Carry On Wayward Son (GH:SH)
237. Rock And Roll All Nite (GH:SH)
238. Smoke On The Water (GH:SH)
239. Godzilla (GH:SH)
240. Monkey Wrench (GH:SH)
241. Nightmare (RB1)
242. Ramblin Man (GH:WT)
243. Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast (GH:WT)
244. Shout at the Devil (GH:SH)
245. Hit Me With Your Best Shot (GH:SH)
246. Heart-Shaped Box (GH:SH)
247. Take Me Out (GH:SH)
248. Message In A Bottle (GH:SH)
249. Unsung (Live In Chicago) (GH:SH)
250. Message In A Bottle (GH:SH)
251. Take Me Out (GH1)
252. Runnin With The Devil (GH:VH)
253. Cathedral (GH:VH)
254. Sweet Emotion (GH:A)
255. Always On The Run (GH:A)
256. Let The Music Do The Talkin (GH:A)
257. Hollywood Nights (GH:WT)
258. Toys In The Attic (GH:A)
259. Rag Doll (GH:A)
260. They Say (GH5)
261. Blue Day (GH5)
262. Cigarettes, Wedding Bands (GH5)
263. Ex-Girlfriend (GH5)
264. Feel Good Inc. (GH5)
265. All Along The Watchtower (GH5)
266. Gamma Ray (GH5)
267. In My Place (GH5)
268. Song 2 (GH5)
269. Sowing Season (Yeah) (GH5)
270. Only Happy When It Rains (GH5)
271. Blue Orchid (GH5)
272. Hurts So Good (GH5)
273. Kryptonite (GH5)
274. Steady, As She Goes (GH5)
275. Comedown (GH5)
276. Fame (GH5)
277. In The Meantime (GH5)
278. Under Pressure (GH5)
279. Sex On Fire (GH5)
280. Walk This Way (Run DMC) (GH:A)
281. The Seeker (GH3)
282. Send A Little Love Token (GH5)
283. Brianstorm (GH5)
284. King Nothing (GH:M)
285. The Boys Are Back In Town (GH:M)
286. Twist And Shout (TBRB)
287. Streamline Woman (GH5)
288. Back Round (GH5)
289. Woman From Tokyo (99 Remix) (GH5)
290. Tattooed Love Boys (GH2)
291. Laughtrack (GH2)
292. Yes We Can (GH2)
293. Wrathchild (GH:80s)
294. Balls To The Wall (GH:80s)
295. Bathroom Wall (GH:80s)
296. Push Push (Lady Lightning) (GH2)\
297. Less Talk More Rokk (GH2)
298. King Of Rock (GH:A)
299. Looks That Kill (GH5)
300. Deadbolt (GH5)
301. Superstition (GH5)
302. Monsters (GH3)
303. Helicopter (GH3)
304. Pink (GH:A)
305. Kings And Queens (GH:A)
306. Hungry Like The Wolf (GH5)
307. Wanted Dead Or Alive (RB1)
308. Timmy & The Lords Of The Underworld (RB1)
309. She Sells Sanctuary (GH:A)
310. Bright Light Fright (GH:A)
311. Hard To Handle (GH:A)
312. Mama Kin (GH:A)
313. Sultans Of Swing (GH5)
314. The Arsonist (GH3 DLC)
315. Bleed American (GH5)
316. L.A. (GH5)
317. Girlfriend (GH2)
318. Pump It Up (RB2)
319. Smells Like Teen Spirit (Live) (GH5)
320. Welcome To The Neighborhood (RB2)
321. Conventional Lover (RB2)
322. De-Luxe (RB2)
323. Shooting Star (RB2)
324. Shout At The Devil (GH2)
325. Six Days A Week (GH5)
326. Du Hast (GH5)
327. Judith (GH5)
328. Why Bother? (GH5)
329. Jailbreak (GH5)
330. Sweating Bullets (GH5)
331. Police Truck (GH:80s)
332. I Ran (So Far Away) (GH:80s)
333. Welcome Home (RB1)
334. Strutter (GH2)
335. Message In A Bottle (GH2)
336. Trippin On A Hole In A Paper Heart (GH2)
337. Do You Want To Know A Secret? (TBRB)
338. I Want To Hold Your Hand (TBRB)
339. Cant Buy Me Love (TBRB)
340. I Wanna Be Your Man (TBRB)
341. Ticket To Ride (TBRB)
342. Boys (TBRB)
343. Im Looking Through You (TBRB)
344. If I Needed Someone (TBRB)
345. I Feel Fine (TBRB)
346. Day Tripper (TBRB)
347. And Your Bird Can Sing (TBRB)
348. Drive My Car (TBRB)
349. Cherry Pie (GH2)
350. Cyanide (GH:M)
351. Collide (GH2)
352. Take This Life (GH3)
353. Only A Lad (GH:80s)
354. Foreplay/Long Time (RB1)
355. Chop Suey (RB2)
356. Ballroom Blitz (RB1)

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16. DDR AAA List

1. air Heavy
2. Kick The Can Heavy
3. Butterfly (Upswing Mix) Challenge
4. Butterfly (Upswing Mix) Heavy
5. Freckles (KCP Re-Edit) Heavy
6. Keep On Movin Heavy
7. Kind Lady Heavy
8. Butterfly Heavy
9. Pipe Pop (from Turkish March) Challenge
10. My Generation (Fat Beat Mix) Heavy
11. rainbow rainbow Heavy
12. Boom Boom Dollar (KOG G3 Mix) Heavy
13. Oh Nick Please Not So Quick Heavy
14. One Two (Little Bitch) Heavy
15. Operator Heavy
16. Mahou No Tobira (Supeesu No Mako) Heavy
17. Maria (I Believe) Heavy
18. Petit Love Heavy
19. Hero (Happy Grandale Remix) Heavy
20. Ska Ska No. 3 Heavy
21. Sky High Heavy
22. Walkie Talkie Heavy
23. Wonderful Night (Radio Edit) Heavy
24. Chim Chim Cher-ee Heavy
25. Colors (for Extreme)- Heavy
26. Dance, Dance Heavy
27. Destiny Heavy
28. Kiss Me (KCP Remix) Heavy
29. La Copa De La Vida Heavy
30. Living In America Heavy
31. Polovtsian Dances And Chorus Heavy
32. Shooting Star Heavy
33. Have You Never Been Mellow (MM Groovin Mix) Heavy
34. Honey Punch Heavy
35. La Bamba Heavy
36. Last Message Heavy
37. Love Love Shine Heavy
38. Moon Heavy
39. Little Boy (Boy On Boy Mix) Heavy
40. Up, Down, Left, Right (from Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star) Challenge
41. Mobo Moga Heavy
42. Never Gonna Make (Factory Dance Team Mix) Heavy
43. Nothing Gonna Stop (Dance Mania Mix) - Heavy
44. Pink Dinosaur Heavy
45. Pirate Dance Challenge
46. Sexy Planet Heavy
47. Like A Virgin Heavy
48. Love Machine Heavy
49. Mickey Heavy
50. Boys Heavy
51. Max 300 Heavy
52. Together & Forever Heavy
53. Turn Me On (Heavenly Mix) Heavy
54. Twin Bee ~Generation X~ - Heavy
55. Be Lovin Heavy
56. Cutie Chaser (Morning Mix) Heavy
57. Deep In You Heavy
58. Dream A Dream Heavy
59. Dream A Dream (Miami Booty Mix) Heavy
60. Golden Sky Heavy
61. In The Navy 99 (XXL Disaster Remix) Heavy
62. Ring!Ring!Ring! Heavy
63. Telephone Operator (Club Mix) Heavy
64. The Legend Of Max Heavy
65. The Race Heavy
66. true ~Trance Sunrise Mix~ - Heavy
67. Twilight Zone (R-C Extended Club Mix) Heavy
68. Typical Tropical Heavy
69. un deux trios Heavy
70. Xanadu Heavy
71. Hero Heavy
72. Himawari Heavy
73. Hot Limit Heavy
74. Matsuri Japan Heavy
75. Na-Na Heavy
76. Never Ending Story (Power Club Vocal Mix) Heavy
77. Saints Go Marching (Remix) Heavy
78. Sakura Heavy
79. Spin The Disc Heavy
80. Strictly Business Heavy
81. 17Sai Heavy
82. 321 Stars Heavy
83. 1998 Heavy
84. Across the Nightmare Challenge
85. Across the Nightmare Heavy
86. Afronova Heavy
87. B4U (B4 Za Beat Mix) Challenge *Original*
88. B4U Heavy
89. Ba Kkwo Heavy
90. Heaven Heavy
91. A Heavy
92. Afronova Challenge
93. Afronova Primeval Challenge
94. AM-3P Heavy
95. Aoi Shodou Heavy
96. Cartoon Heroes Heavy
97. End Of The Century Heavy
98. Exotic Ethnic Heavy
99. Macho Duck Heavy
100. Paranoia Heavy
101. Boom Boom Dollar Heavy
102. Candy Heavy
103. Curus Heavy
104. Happy Angel Heavy
105. Love Is Orange Challenge
106. Love Is Orange Heavy
107. Love Love Sugar Heavy
108. Oha Ska Heavy
109. Wonderland (UKs Mix) Heavy
110. Zonapara Heavy
111. Break Down Heavy
112. Brilliant2U Heavy
113. Centerfold (130BPM Move It Mix) Heavy
114. Drill Instructor (C-Jah Happy Mix) Heavy
115. I Need You ~True Platinum Mix~ - Heavy
116. If You Were Here (B4 Za Beat Mix) Heavy
117. Temple Of Love Heavy
118. The 7 Jump Heavy
119. The Twist Heavy
120. Wannabe Heavy
121. My Baby Mama Heavy
122. Over&Over Heavy
123. R3 Heavy
124. Rugged Ash Heavy
125. Stars (2nd Naokis Style) Heavy
126. [sync] Heavy
127. Test My Best Heavy
128. The Bad Touch Heavy
129. Chotto Kiitena (Zanshin-Na Mix) Heavy
130. Chikara Heavy
131. Kung Fu Fighting Heavy
132. Absolute Heavy
133. B4U (B4 Za Beat Mix) Challenge *2nd Ver.*
134. Sandstorm - Heavy
135. Centerfold (130BPM Move It Remix) - Heavy
136. Right Now - Heavy
137. Yozora No Muko - Heavy
138. Y.M.C.A. - Heavy

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