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My real name, according to IRC, is

Absoltastic doesn't post much around the forums, but he lurks around on SH every day. He is most known around the forums for his Clarinet Vocals FCs on Rock Band or his video game banners. He found this website a week before GH3 came out, and he has been a member since December '07. He only plays on a Wii. He is part of an amazing Wii RB2 band, Wii Will Rock You.

Wii are:
Sonicdude164 Vocals
Cruzman10 Drums
Candyrock Guitar
Absoltastic Bass

Earned Inv4der banners:

Theoretically earned (not all released on Wii yet):

Earned GH Erkle banners:
More Later

Clarinet Vox RB2 On-disc status:
FC 1- Shoulder to the Plow

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