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Preferred Playing Style : Righty
System : Xbox 360
Guitar of Use : Les Paul (Currently Broken)
Real Name : Adam Luptak
Date Of Birth : June 11th, 1997
Location : Ontario, Canada


AdamTL7 was an above average student. He was on the honor roll almost every year. In grade eight, he was invited to participate in an Enrichment Program because of his good grades. This enrichment program (Enrichment Mini Course Program - EMCP) took place in Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario. The course that Adam selected for it was involved with video games. The last day of the program, his instructer brought in GH2. After playing this game, he loved it so much he had to buy it.

It was in March of 2007 that Adam had bought Guitar Hero 2 and a Nyko Frontman guitar for his PS2. He started on easy, and quickly moved up to medium. After a couple of months, he moved to hard. By the summer of 2007, he was on Expert. His expert status at that time consisted of mostly 4 stars.

In July of 2007, Adam had discovered Scorehero. He quickly made an account, but shortly after, got banned for posting in colour and complaining "That's the reason that that feature is there, for us to use it!" Scorehero helped him to discover Guitar Hero 3's release date, and he began to count down the days.

On October 28, 2007, Adam had purchased an Xbox 360, and planned to buy Guitar Hero 3 that same day. They were, however, sold out.

A friend had invited Adam over to see his GH skills. Upon that, the first song they made Adam play was One by Metallica. "This seems easy enough. I could probably FC this with work." After saying that, he failed at fast solo A.

Every once and a while he would go to that friends house to play GH3. He played TtFaF and learned to tap it. He failed during "You Rock!", and that's the farthest he got.

Sometime in November of 2007, Adam had found a store with Guitar Hero 3. However, not even a week after playing did he realize that the yellow button stopped working. He simply went and exchanged it for another one.

By this time, Adam was working through the Guitar Hero 3 career. He had an average of 4 stars on the sightreads, but slowly increased those ratings. Adam checked Scorehero every once and a while when he had a problem.

December 2007 - Adam had moved locations, and lost internet. Fortunately, he managed to get We Three Kings downloaded before that.

Sometime around winter / spring of 2008, Adam was working on 5 starring the expert setlist. His final two songs were Raining Blood and Before I Forget. And he got those shortly after.

On the 14th of April, 2008, Adam had gotten internet for a couple of weeks, and went to Scorehero. He made the account known as "AdamTL7"

It just so happens that shortly before that, Adam had 5 starred TtFaF, and uploaded the score when he registered. All of the bonus and setlist songs have been 5 starred by this time.

Adam wrote this wikipedia page on October 4th, 2008 and is counting down the days until Guitar Hero World Tour.

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