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Well, hello everyone, and welcome to my ScoreHero Wiki page. Right off the bat, I would like to inform anyone currently reading that I am not a 'special' player. I don't have an unorthodox method of playing (ohai f4phantom) and I don't FC stupidly hard songs. I'm just a guy who likes Guitar Hero - probably average skill by ScoreHero standards. Anyway! If you're still here, then you must be really, really bored. So I'm going to do my best to entertain you. Read on, good fellow! (Or ... if you're of the fairer sex ... fellow...ess? o.O)


Early Life

Archang3L, or 'Matthew' as he is known to his non-gaming friends, was born in Melbourne, Australia on the 26th of May, 1992. Ever since his dad bought a Super Nintendo Entertainment System with Super Mario World on it, Archang3L has had a passion for gaming. Due to the nature of the first game he played, Archang3L later admitted in an interview that platforming games were his specialty, as he once spedrun through the entire Super Mario World game in less than twenty minutes. He then admitted that his previous statement was utter crap, and laughed at the interviewer for believing it.

When he became of age, Archang3L would regretfully set the SNES controller down and venture out into the world - attending his first day of school on (insert date here). His first few years of school were a blur to him, he recalls only colouring big sheets of paper, and standing in a circle making animal noises.

His days at primary school passed rather uneventfully, he once said. High School, which he currently attends, is quite different. He has spoken many times of his social problems in years 7 through 9, he sadly recalls wandering around the school every recess and lunch - with pretty much no-one to talk to. These first few years of H.S were hard for him, however, once he reached year 10, everything changed. He says he can't actually recall what changed, but suddenly, people seemed a lot more mature. He started to make friends, and as of right now, according to an official 'How Popular Are YOU?' government survey, he would rank as the 4th most popular child in Australia.


That's my ScoreHero avatar without the neon effect. Yes, it's my eye. =P

Archang3L has a very sarcastic personality, which usually leads to misunderstandings when he's speaking with people he doesn't know. He also seems to be quite narcissistic, but he has stated many times that any narcissistic comments he makes are strictly jokes, and he originally made them in an attempt to get over his self-esteem issues. According to him, they worked, and he is planning on writing a book to help other people get over their self-esteem issues by using narcissism. It will be called 'How To Get Over Your Self-Esteem Issues By Using Narcissism'

Despite his narcissistic, sarcastic personality, Archang3L is considered to be 'quite a nice guy.' His only failings, according to his closest friends, are a habit of taking personal comments too seriously, and of being 'far too addicted to that guitar game'. Archang3L, however, strongly denies that his addiction is a failing.

Musical Taste

Archang3L has quite a varied taste in music, but his favourite genre is heavy metal. He is especially a fan of progressive and power metal bands. He has said the only genre he can't stand is techno, as he fails to see the attraction in listening to loud synthesized sounds that repeat themselves over and over again for five minutes.

Archang3L's favourite bands are

He is also quite a big fan of solo guitarists. His favourite guitarists include -

Random Facts.

Archang3L's favourite song in Guitar Hero is 'Soothsayer'
Outside of Guitar Hero, he considers himself quite proficient at Tetris
He has learned the bass guitar for over a year now
He is currently employed at a movie rental store - but he will leave to fnd better work when he's older
His career path of choice is criminal psychology
His favourite band is Dream Theater
He is very annoyed by spell checkers correcting him when he hasn't even spelled words wrongly. It's spelled 'Favourite' in Australia for God's sake
Archang3L is an avid bookworm. His favourite authors include Ray Bradbury, H.P Lovecraft, Stephen King, Raymond E Feist and David Eddings.
He enjoys writing about himself in the third person

Guitar Hero

Archang3L was introduced to The Greatest Game On Earth late 2007, before Guitar Hero 3's release in Australia. On a trip to JB Hi-Fi, he saw a playable version of Guitar Hero 3 on display. Playing it for the first time, he started up on easy and chose 'The Metal.' His rock meter plummeted right away, and he stared at his guitar in shock, then realized he had a non-working guitar. Then, just before he put the game down (and likely abandoned it forever), he noticed there was a strum bar. Perhaps you were supposed to strum it? he thought. He did so, strumming while a red note passed, and, eureka! The note was played! Archang3L had figured out how to play Guitar Hero!

As soon as The Metal was finished, Archang3L cranked it up to medium and played the same song. He did not get a good score, but he passed all the same, and so therefore when Archang3L would buy the game on its release date, he would start off on medium.

As it stands right now, Archang3L is an average player by ScoreHero standards. His game, format and difficulty of choice is Guitar Hero 3, Xbox 360 and Expert. His stats are;

Songs Passed: 70 of 70
5-Stars: 60 of 70
6-Stars: 41 of 70
7-Stars: 13
8-stars: 1
100%: 8 of 70
FCs: 8 of 70
Total Score: 17,102,832

The songs Archang3L has yet to 5-Star are

Archang3L has eight FC's on non-DLC songs on Guitar Hero 3. He can't remember the exact order of achievement, but his FC's are


Due to the new signature rules now enforced on ScoreHero, Archang3L is not allowed to have his goals in his sig. This does not really bother him, however, as he is now able to post an extremely long list of goals on his wiki, whereas he could only fit four or five in his signature. A full list of Archang3L's goals for Guitar Hero (3 & WT) is provided below


Archang3L also has Guitar Hero 2, but he does not play it as much as Guitar Hero 3, as he does not find Guitar Hero 2 fun to play and he believes Guitar Hero 3 has the better setlist. A list of Archang3L's favourite songs from both Guitar Hero 2 and Guitar Hero 3 are

Guitar Hero 2

Guitar Hero 3
Archang3L also enjoys playing Guitar Hero World Tour. He says the hammeron system is perfect - not too easy like GH3's - and not too unforgiving like GH2's. Archang3L's only complaints about GHWT are the lack of challenging, on-disk songs as well as the lack of decent DLC - but the DLC will most likely change in the future.

Archang3L's favourite GHWT songs are.

Archang3L's Random Predictions

Dream Theater's newest album will be released as downloadable content.
Guitar Hero: Metallica will be FC'd on guitar relatively quickly.
If a Dream Theater album is released as DLC, it won't be full-band FC'd until Guitar Hero 27 is released
Right now you're sick to death of this guide and can't wait to do something more productive


I believe that I've said enough about myself. I hope you, dear reader, learned a little bit about this ordinary Guitar Hero player. Or if you did not, and everything listed above just went in one ear and out the other, then I hope I at least entertained you for a few minutes. If I did not even do that, then I must offer my sincere apologies. (note - apology may not actually be sincere)

Please note - if you can suggest anything to improve this wiki, please, don't hesitate to leave me a comment or send me a PM.

Well, anyway, I'm off to play Guitar Hero. As you should be too!

Have fun, people!


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