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Hey. I'm Ash. (And I'm 16, male. And don't even think about pokemon puns)

I've been a recluse/hikikomori for almost 2 years now.

Summary About Issues

Those from IRC will have probably heard of my issues, but here's a quick summary:

-I'm reclusive (I don't go out much at all. Once a week if lucky)

-I'm very nervous (I find it hard making calls to people and meeting people)

-I've got no local friends (Live in the countryside and my only friend moved away the other day)

-Had a lot of time off school due to tumor. When I tried to return, the teachers had forgotten me and put me in a seperate room to work, I gave up and left after all that.

-I'm also fighting clinical depression (on drugs for it) due to all this stuff.

So Why am I posting this here?

Well, the thing is, I'm trying to fight all this, while funding my music addiction so-to-speak, and I really need an income for stuff, since I can't leech of my parents eventually.

I'll use this topic as a sort-of diary of my efforts, and if possible, I'd like some REASONABLE ideas on how I can earn money from home (In the UK).

So then...

What ideas do you guys have for me to start earning some money working from home, which doesn't involve putting myself in situations where I'm not mentally/emotionally strong?

I know it's a pretty hard situation to understand and I appreciate if you don't know how to help, but I just need suggestions.

Ideas like: "Go out and get a job" are not appreciated. =/

So yeah, SH. Let's see if you can help me.

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