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Hey, I'm BDOWN, yes, it's all caps, if it wasn't it would be bdown, and that looks just stupid.

History of my Username

My username is a shortened version of the name I used to logon at my highschool. The full version is BDown08.
First use on the Internet
I first got the idea to use this name in the internet on a cryptoquote game found at this URL: ~ I frequently used the nickname B.DOWN when competing with others on this site.
I frequently used this Username throughout the internet and it became my stardard username and eventually my username in Score Hero.

Guitar Hero History

I started playing the summer of 2006, I sucked. But so does everyone when they start. Proof that everyone sucks at one point, look at this post HellAshes (the first person to FC Jordan) made in the Jordan SP discussion thread: "I actually did everything in your tips before I even read them. The 2 finger sliding and such. Still can't pass this thing for my life. (I'd probably fail in in slowest speed.)"

I knew about Score Hero for several months (like 6) before I actually joined in late 2007.

History on Score Hero

My first post was in the Easy section of the Guitar Hero SP discussion sub-forum. This would become a typical trend of mine, posting in the SP discussion sections, mailny because I believe that General Chat is SH's cess pool. There is occasionally a decent thread in Gen chat, but not oftern enough for me to regularly check it.

YES, this page is mostly sarcastic.

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