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Guide to Playing Band Quick Play online for Rock Band (1 & 2)

Participating in Band Quick Play (BQP) online can be one of the funnest, or most frustrating parts of playing Rock Band. Band Quick Play, or Tour Online is a part of the Rock Band games that allow an individual or a group of individuals to play songs online with other people not at the same location. It is a great way to meet new friends, find people of similar music interests, and similar skill levels. There are many uses for BQP which can range from a casual meeting for a little fun, to a more serious quest for high scores and record setting performances. In each case, there are still some rules of conduct that should be followed during online play. You will find in this article a few ways to help make BQP a more positive experience for everyone.

Online BQP Game Play

Starting the Band

1. Wait for a full band, unless agreed upon by your current bandmates. Most people join BQP to play with a full band because they do not have enough people at their own location to form one. It usually does not take long to get all the spots filled. If you're already in and the leader is waiting to fill a spot, be patient and wait along with him/her, unless everyone agrees to continue.

2. If you prefer people of a certain skill level, it is ok to politely ask a new member what their skill level is. If they do not meet your criteria, you may politely ask them to leave. Never criticize them for not meeting playing to your level. An explanation that you may be looking for players of your skill level, or with your DLC, can go a long way. You may well have fun playing with this person at another time.

3. If you are waiting on an invited member, and someone fills the spot before you can get the invitee, again politely explain to the person you are filling the spot with a friend and ask if they would please leave. They have no idea of the situation, and do not warrant any negative comments for randomly being selected. This is normally not a problem if you are not "finding" players while waiting for an invitee.

4. If you are the leader, remain at your station to initiate play once the band spots have been filled to the satisfaction of all.

5. In Rock Band 2, each member gets a turn to choose the song. Be considerate of their choice as well….after all, they most likely just played your favorite.

General BQP Etiquette and Game Play

1. Don't quit out on your bandmates during a song. Wait till the song is over, and bow out gracefully. If you have a connection issue, send a message to your bandmates to apologize and explain.

2. Don't play above your skill level. Most players don't mind seeing someone saved during a difficult part and don't mind playing with someone on Easy, Med, or Hard, but don't play on a level you are not comfortable at. A player who fails out the whole band by failing 3 times will likely not be welcome , especially if you get a long way through an especially long song only to fail the whole band.

3. DO have a working mic. The BQP experience is about getting people together to play. It's best served with the ability for everyone to be able to communicate with each other. With this, if you do have a mic, use it properly - be polite, fun, whatever, but don't belittle your fellow bandmates. Use appropriate language for the group you are with. Be cordial and announce when you would like to leave so the band doesn't go on to a new song only to find they have lost a member. Thank your bandmates for letting you play, and for playing along with you.
It is understood that the Ion drummers may not have a mic, or others cannot get their RB adapters to work properly. If you are one of these, a simple message sent to the leader explaining this may keep you in the band.

4. Share the guitar/bass. Take turns or talk between each other to allow both persons to have equal chance at their favorite. If one of the guitar players is making the song choice, he/she should get the choice of guitar/bass - after all, they most likely picked the song because they like to play it.

5. Don't demand a song. If someone choosing has no preference, ask if everyone would mind playing your "fav" if you have one in mind. And go ahead and play one you normally wouldn't if someone else would like to. It won't kill you.

7. Be considerate of your drummer and singer. Don't do a multitude of “talkies” in a row; your singer won't be happy. And unless your drummer is a true AN-I-MAL, don’t play all the impossible level songs in a row. Your drummer will get fatigued and likely will quit. Mix it up a bit.

8. If you need a short break (and everyone does eventually), speak up. Most bands will have more than one person ready for a “personal” break during a long session. If you do, don’t keep your bandmates waiting indefinitely. Return as soon as you can. If you are going to be longer than a normal break, consider letting your bandmates know you need to leave, but will be back later if they would like to invite you back.

9. Just because you play on expert, and are a Rock Band God, does not mean every song has to come from the "impossible" tier. Try some variety.

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