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Brainstorm RB2 testing To-Do List:

can be done with current band
* Check documentarian 3* nullification effect, is it song by song or entire setlist?
* check biggest show ever op for precise conditions where you get the -4 * check various ops to see if fail penalty is increased
* confirm for money double and quad or nothing ops, is it by individual song
* confirm for double fans or triple fans, how is average calculated * confirm gold star awards of fans/money are impossible on hard or lower
* define fail/restart penalties w.r.t. diff
* investigate "trickle" number

needs new test band
* confirm fan formulas at least once on lower difficulty
* check rounding behaviour with on of the crappy managers at least once.
* figure out stuff about the replacement ops * determine baseline frequency patter of ops (curr band), then figure out effect with publicist (new band)
* check the buzz 90-buzz125 range
* see how game responds to a staff or op multiplier that pushes the buzz award past a checkpoint in fans
* confirm a couple of the fan reqs for big venue with the buzz amounts in dtb.

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