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Quick Bio
My online persona is Billtvshow, but my real name is Stephen. I work full time as a GIS Analyst, but in my spare time I sing and play Rock Band, golf, disc golf, and basketball.

Rock Band Stats & Info
Expert Vocals
Rock Band 1 (As Of The Release of Rock Band 2)
On-Disc Songs: Ranked #1
DLC: Ranked #1
Total FC's: 252/265
58/58 On Disc, 194/207 DLC
Total GS's: 258/265
56/58 On Disc, 202/207 DLC
Total #1 Rankings: 238/265
Rock Band 2 (As Of 10/7/2008)
On-Disc Songs: Ranked #1
DLC: In Progress
Total FC's: In Progress
84/84 On Disc, In Progress DLC
Total GS's: In Progress
84/84 On Disc, In Progress DLC
Total #1 Rankings: In Progress

(Various things I am constantly asked)

At what level of difficulty do you play the other instruments?
Vocals: Expert, Bass: Expert, Guitar: Hard, Drums: Medium/Hard

Which song did you first get flawless singing on?
RB1: Maps, RB2: Lump

What kind of mic are you using?
The Logitech Vantage for XBox 360 (Purchased At Best Buy)

More edits to come...

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