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General Info

Name:Brian(Naw, really? <_<)
Birthdate:December 19, 1991
Hometown:San Antonio, Texas(hopefully not for much longer....)

GH/RB/SH stuff

Not much to say really. I play guitar, bass, and vocals(mostly this nowadays) on RB, and I don't play a lot of GH nowadays. I'll be the first to say I'm really overrated....I'm not as good as my ranks would suggest(it's only because of paths and squeezing that I'm not ranked a lot lower than I am).


There's only 4 accomplishments I'm proud of to any extent.

Scorehero History

I first found Scorehero in May of 2007, and if memory serves, it was to find the 5 star cutoffs on certain songs. I was very inactive for a large portion of that year, and it wasn't until late November/early December until I managed to get on IRC and talk to a couple of others outside of there. I've been around for almost a year and a half now, and the time I've spent here has changed my life a pretty good amount. I've made a couple of really close friends on here, one of which is my best friend, my biggest rival IMO, and the only one of my really close friends I can say I've met IRL(you know who you are). Most of the friends I've made I've met through rivalries with them(and really the only thing keeping solo and band play fun for me in all honesty, whether it be guitar, vocals, whatever). <_< Again, you guys all know who you are. Nothing really stands out about me, I just consider myself a typical SH'er and IRC regular. I've been to one get-together, the Austin Get-Together in late June of this year. I got to meet some amazing people, and had the most fun I had had in a really long time. I got to meet many popular, well-known Scorehero members, such as Hailz, someguy, blob, Duce, DragoonKain, f4phantom, Deschain, etc.. Wouldn't trade it for the world.

Guitar Hero History

I was first introduced to Guitar Hero with GH2, given to me for my 15th birthday. I failed SatD on easy because I forgot to strum. <_< I somewhat lost interest around February of '07, and took a 3 month break until May of that year(specifically my hiatus ended the day I found Scorehero). For the longest time, I used to play on all 4 difficulties, with moderate success in all of them. This desire somewhat fell off with GH3, and completely fell off with GH:Aerosmith. I really only play hard and expert nowadays. I finally 5 starred every song in every GH game, TTFAF being the last to fall. The amount of GH I've played recently has been almost non-existant, and my interest in the series in general has really declined as of late.


Over the course of my time on Scorehero, I have been involved in many rivalries, some of which allowed me to meet my best friends on here.

Rock Band History

I got Rock Band for my 16th birthday, along with my Xbox 360. Since I didn't like the Stratocaster, and my drums were somewhat shitty right out of the box, I didn't play it a whole lot until I got a Les Paul a month later(it wasn't until quite a bit later that my interest in vocals was perked). Once I got my Les Paul, I ended up 5 starring the entire guitar setlist on sightread, except for one song.....Suffragette City LOLOLOL!(I'm not joking, I 4 starred this one on sightread) I've since FC'd that song and GS'd the entire setlist. My interest in vocals soon grew, since I had always loved singing, and I wanted to try out how my choir experience would transfer to RB....that didn't go so well originally. :P I ended up failing a good 25% of the setlist at least once, even failing Gimme Shelter at least 30 times(it wasn't until I beat the song that I realized at least 20 of those failures were on the final phrase......-_-). My bass experience led me to 1st overall momentarily, and nearly FC'ing the entire setlist(GGAHT can go burn in hell now...), and as for drums, my skills are utter shit there.


Rock Band Bands

I'll just list off the bands and a couple of facts...(this is in chronological order)

~After Dark~

This band consisted of MACGYVERRRRRRR as the vocalist, JediHero92 as the guitarist, Rykan(founder of the band) as drums, and myself as the bassist. We got as high as 7th overall at one point, but after not being able to play for over a month, we decided to split up due to Rykan having absolutely no playing time. As of now this band is 15th overall on RB1.

No Better Than Chris Rock

After ~After Dark~ split, MACGYVERRRRRRR and I stuck together to find a guitarist and drummer, to who I was able to find elx and emptyset. This band ended up being far more successful, climbing as high as(and still currently is)5th place on the RB1 full band leaderboards, even being able to snag quite a handful of 1sts in the process. Sadly, we ended up having to disband shortly after RB2's release, due to emptyset not having any available playing time at all.

Always Hard

This was just a for fun side band I had with Revelus, psx, and JR, all of us playing on hard. Sadly we only played one session, and even that one was without psx. :/ More can be found on the article of this band Revelus made.

Wham BAM Thank You JR

I had found solo play boring as hell, and only co-op/full band kept me interested in RB. JR and I joined up to make a guitar/vocals duo, getting a lot of success in the process, including snagging the 1st overall spot on 3 separate occasions(since reclaimed by Skelomatic Morkanakus all 3 times). Currently we sit in 2nd overall on RB1.


IIRC, MACYGVERRRRRR came to me looking to start a co-op team, which I agreed to. Now, unlike what most of you would probably assume, we ended up doing a few songs on guitar/bass(no vocals? from two high ranked vocalists? lolwut?). Got a few 1sts, but it didn't last very long.

Lint Bisquick

Shortly after NBTCR's disbandment, the other 3 of us were left trying to find a guitarist. We decided to ask an old bandmate of ours to rejoin us in JediHero, which he agreed to. Only 3 sessions happened, and due to scheduling conflicts and Jedi being in another band, as well as very limited playing time, this disbanded.

Bread Michaels Band

Once again searching for a guitarist, we weren't all too sure where to look at first. We wanted someone who was really good at guitar and also frequented IRC, but we got lost at first. I then figured to ask tv3636, because he seemed to fit the bill nicely. Sure enough, he agreed, and now we currently hold 1st overall on Rock Band 2. More info on this band can be seen on the band's wiki page.


Other stuff

Personal stuff:
I might as well put SOMETHING here at least. There's not a lot about my personal life, in all honesty. I've been in my school's choir for going on my 5th year now, and while I do have a real guitar, I'm not good at it at all. I'm VERY quiet and shy IRL, as I'm sure everyone I met in Austin can attest to. More to come here later....maybe.

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