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Hey there, I'm Brian. I'm 21 years old, and I recently received my degree in Sound Recording Technology from UMass Lowell. I currently work for Rhythm Authors, LLC, as well as Klondike Sound Company based out of Greenfield, MA. I've been a percussionist for 11 years, and I have played a number of punk, rock, and metal bands. I'm currently playing drums for Lich King, Ages Ago, and My Last Flight.


I've been playing music and rhythm games since I was 13, when I first got into DDR. From there I discovered Frequency and Amplitude, both of which I played to death. When Guitar Hero 1 came out I bought it immediately, and within two weeks I had beat the game on Expert. I've taken somewhat of a break from Rock Band 2 lately, not having a working drum set and devoting most of my time to work and playing real drums. Other games I've been playing recently include Left 4 Dead 2, Kingdom of Loathing, and Burnout Paradise. I rarely upload my GH/RB scores, but I play on Expert difficulty for all instruments.

SH History

I've been a ScoreHero member since November 2006, when I signed up after reading about the possibility of custom songs on Guitar Hero. I didn't make my first forum post until May of 2007, when I happened to stumble upon FeedBack, TurkeyMan's program for creating custom songs. Since then I've made over 40 custom charts, and I'm a huge stickler for accurate syncing and charting. I recently wrote a program called MIDItar Hero, which is essentially an interface for using Guitar Hero or Rock Band instrument peripherals as fully-functional MIDI controllers.

I had all but stopped making custom Guitar Hero charts until recently to focus on school and work. However, when the Rock Band Network was announced I jumped at the chance to get involved, and I am now authoring tracks for Rhythm Authors, LLC.

I still go by BrianSpud33 on some sites, but my username most everywhere is now bwestplaysdrums, and my Xbox Live Gamertag is westJB.

Custom Guitar Hero Charts
Custom Chart Vids
MIDItar Hero

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