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Hard vocals 21st for RB2 main setlist
Psycho Killer Hard vocals FC and 11th place
Beat Endless Setlist on expert




[quote="Goron40"]Oatzem wrote:
At places such as gamerbase (UK), noone ever pays much attention to people playing CoD and Halo, whereas if you see a guy playing GH, they get a sudden crowd around them?

You know what? I'm sick of people ripping on Peter Noone! He is a talented musician and no one gives him the respect he deserves! All I ever hear is "noone likes you", "noone believes you", or "noone watches me play guitar hero" (Which I have to admit must be unnerving). And for a moment I'm flattered that Peter would give me such attention. But then it is followed up by insults or complaining, which leads me to believe that the speaker is using his name ironically.


Couldn't have said it better myself.

I'll have to see songs/gameplay, but this actually sounds kind of cool.[/quote]

[quote="dragoninforcer"]UMG/WMG:Yes! We suspended every video on YouTube with our songs in them! We will make [i]tons[/i] more money!
Worker:But how will you expect people to buy these songs if they can't listen to them first?
UMG/WMG: :drool: o.o >:) *boom smash boom*
Worker: x.x :blank: [/i][/quote]

Inside every drum, there is a small sailor with a paddle and a gong.

Don't ask why they use paddles.

Anyway, your sailor seems to be very sensitive to light. He reacts too often, the lights go off and he's all "WAAAAAH, BANG!" and hits the drum.

The only solution is to hire yourself another sailor.

And incase you're curious, your tilt sensor measures the gravity of Hamsters.


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