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My name is Capsdown, I am 15 years old, almost 16, and I am and have been a gamer for almost 14 years(lol weird right? Well long story short, woke up from surgery and had a SNES to play with. My first rhythm game that I played was Donky Konga, and ever since then, have been obsessed. I play Rock Band(2) and Guitar Hero (2/3/Aerosmith) and occasionally when I feel like plugging in the PS2, Guitar Hero 1.
I started playing Guitar Hero in April of 2007, and slowly have started getting better, hitting expert by the end of the summer. I know i am not great, but have been slowly getting better over time, my work will be probably be documented on an accomplishment thread on this site too.

Latest Accomplishment:
I wish I did this sooner
Guitar Hero FC's/100%'s
Metal Heavy Lady
Generation Rock
Mississippi Queen
Sunshine of Your Love
Radio Song
Talk Dirty To Me
Slow Ride
When You Were Young
Miss Murder
Bulls on Parade
Lay Down
My Name is Jonas
Go That Far
La Grange
Can't Be Saved

Story of My Life

DLC FC's/100%'s
Super Massive Black Hole
Shoot the Runner
No More Sorrow

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