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Some notable accomplishments of mine (all on Expert):

My name is Kyle and I'm generally a nice person. I live in Gaithursburg, Maryland, and am 15 years old (birthday on July 25).

I don't really post on Scorehero that often, but I'm in streams a lot, so look for me. I have a stream but I haven't actually ever streamed with it... I'm still waiting until I get a webcam.


Since all the cool kids have pages that allow other people to edit them, I guess I will too. Only write below the following line plzkthx. Have fun, and sign your work. >:(

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Kyle is a pretty cool guy. eh FCs songs on GH and doesn't afraid of anything

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Looking at your comments, all I can say is, HOLY SPAM TRAP! Also, I'm in Glen Burnie, MD.

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