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Hey, people. My name is Kevin but I'm Clone on the scorehero forums. clone408 on Xbox live. I'm 18, soon to be 19 here in November. I live in Hurley, New Mexico, a small town with a total area of only one square mile. You probably havn't seen me on the forums before but thats cause i only have like 40 posts or something. I have been around since Guitar Hero 2, I think.... I remember seeing the anouncment about reaching 20,000 users. But I hardly ever see the need for me to post so I don't.

Guitar Hero/Rock Band

I have been playing Guitar Hero since number two came out. My little brother had forced me to play it at a wal-mart cause I thought the game looked stupid. I played it and my mind quickly changed. I started on Medium and quickly went through it in a day. I love all Guitar Hero games and my favorite is the third. I don't really care about the open timing window and I love all the three note chords. Oh ya, I also only play with three fingers. I rarely ever use my pinky. I also like to play Rock band. when I got the game, I started playing drums on hard right away. I managed to get up to Don't Fear the Reaper where I got stuck for a while. I then decided to play the easier songs on Expert and eventually just beat the game on it. I have never beat it on hard. I suck at singing but am slowly progressing at it. I currently play it on hard.

What Else I Do

Besides the Guitar Hero and Rock Band games, I also play Halo 3. I am not very good at it but I don't care.Those are pretty much the only three games I really play. Outside of the video gaming world I like to ride ATV's. But just recently my quad crapped out (it was almost as old as me) so I have been wheelerless since. I also play in the drumline at my University, WNMU (Western New Mexico University). I play the best drum on the line, top bass. (ok so no one else probably thinks its that good but its my favorite) Unfortunately the music program has pretty much all died out at my school except for the Drumline and the choir. How sad, huh? I graduated from Cobre High School where I was part of the ten time state champion band in the 3A division for concert band and the streak has yet to die. I made all-state all three times I tried out for it.

Ya I'm done for now... I'll add more later.

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