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AHEM ...CnewbyHST is openly pining for the first ever featured user.



The names Chris Newby, hence Cnewby.
I live in michigan and attend Specs Howard school of Broadcast Arts.
I intern for 3 radio stations doing promotions, and funny story, i fell into it by my love of guitar hero. 101.1 WRIF is a classic rock station in detroit and every event they do they set up guitar hero on a tv with uncontrollable lag. Well, when i did a one day shadow with them and fixed the lag and put in the unlock all cheat and such and everything ran much smoother. I'm known at the station as the guitar hero guy. :)

Beauty, thy name is scorehero.

I found the site a few days after gh2 came out for 360 and i browsed for a few. Finally i gained the courage to register in August '07 and from then on its history. My very first post was a quote in excelon969's accomplishment thread, and i quote "i also watched the PFO FC live earlier. you made it look simple." Little did i know scorehero would become a part of my daily routine from there on out. I dont post much, unless the topic is extremely interesting or if i can help a newcomer out.
I'm usually browsing the general chat forum and occasionally the accomplishments and website discussion. Scorehero is the best online site i've ever been a part of online. Even if the quality has somewhat declined over the years, theres still enough quality posters on the forums to make scorehero a daily stop for me. Ive been involved in many leagues for the past few seasons and the occasional rivalry. The addition of the rock band side only made me waste more time of my day online. I don't post much on the rock band side, but i'm constantly lurking.


My co-op team on rock band "Raging Emus", were first on the song Roxanne for about 2 months.
I've had 2 accomplishment threads, and both have failed miserably.
My scores are all over the place, but mostly i focus on hard as i find it alot more challenging to get a high ranking.
Ive painted my les paul with a rising sun paint job, but you wont find it under my name in the painted guitars index in hardware as the op of the thread misspelled my name. :[

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