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Personal Shit
Name: Brady Connor Peterson
Age: 17
Birthday: July 26
Location: Walden, Texas
Job: Layout Crew (Construction)

Gaming Shit
Consoles: Xbox 360
Games: Halo 3, GH2/3/Aerosmith/WT, Rock Band 2/ACDC Track Pack, Fable 2, Bioshock, GTA4
Most Seen Playing: Halo 3, Rock Band 2
Gamertag: ConfurySH

Fav Song: Tie between Symphony of Destruction/Cowboys from Hell
Stars: 47/47 5 stars
FC's: Dunno lulz
Stuff: I never played GH1 until after GH3 came out, so after being used to HOPO's, I didn't like the game very much. Played it for 2 days, 5 starred everything, and then traded it in.

Fav Song(s): Hangar 18/Arterial Black/YYZ
Stars: All songs 7 starred (Except Monkey Wrench, which can't be 7 starred)
FC's: 66/74 (Missing Hangar 18, Misirlou, Institutionalized, Jordan, Trogdor, Beast and the Harlot, and Six. All 360 exclusives FC'ed)
Fav FC's: The Trooper, The Light that Blinds, Fall of Pangea
Fav DLC FC's: Bark At The Moon
Stuff: Bought this for 360 when it first came out, never failed a song until Bad Reputation on expert (the alt strumming got me). Game with my favorite setlist.

Fav Song(s): Cult of Personality/Through the Fire and Flames/The Way It Ends
Stars: All songs 6 starred
FC's: Forgot
Fav FC's: None really
Fav DLC Songs: Soothsayer, Dragonforce songs, All Nightmare Long, The Day That Never Comes
Stuff: Not really a fan of GH3, but the DLC is really fun.

Aerosmith doesn't deserve a section

Fav Song(s): Satch Boogie, Freak On a Leash, Anything (<3)
Stuff: Don't play WT that much except for the GHTunes custom songs that people make. Anything is one of my favorite songs to play though (even though it's technically DLC)

Rock Band 1 and 2
Instrument: Guitar/Expert
Fav On-Disc Songs: Shoulder to the Plow, Bodhisattva, Painkiller, Panic Attack
Fav DLC: Too many to count. Megadeth album, Judas Priest Album, ATR Pack, Disturbed Pack, more and more and more.
Stars: All songs Gold Starred, including all DLC (Even Thrasher :o)
Fav FC's: Wake Up Dead, The Entire Screaming for Vengeance Album
Stuff: My fav game right now =D What I play most.

Halo 3
Rank: General (Grade 2)
Levels: Team Slayer (50), Doubles/Lone Wolves/ (40-something)
Stuff: Add me to play with a bunch of other SH members, I don't play as much as I used to though.

Yeah, pretty bland right now.

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