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Guitar Hero (PS2)
Total Score8,151,427
Guitar Hero II (PS2)
Total Score19,889,424
Guitar Hero: 80s (PS2)
Total Score8,137,141
Guitar Hero III (Wii)
Total Score22,908,877
Guitar Hero: Aerosmith (PS2)
Total Score10,583,367

The text here is, of course, all as of the last time the post was edited. You always see where I'm currently at if you check out my ScoreHero scores above or on the main site. Note that I own Aerosmith for Wii, but haven't beaten it yet :O The above Aerosmith scores are from the week I rented it for PS2. I also own World Tour and Metallica, but I don't upload scores for World Tour because it's such an easy game and I normally just play online anyway.

Unholy Cowness
Favorite GH Songs: The songs I like playing the most
Least Favorite GH Songs: Mistakes
Goals: Combination of completed and pending goals
Shameless Advertisment for my own GHMix songs
Misc: Some conclusive stuff. Mostly just me ranting about how nobody will ever read this page.

The Shining Cowness
First of all, "The Shining Cowness" is a name that popped into my head a few years ago randomly because I'd been "Cowdude" for so long that it just had to happen. Names I have used in online games include: Cow, The Shining Cowness, Unholy Cowness, CowCow, Cowwoc, The Cowness, Cowdude, Kowdude, and TheCowMan. "The Shining Cowness" is my band in Guitar Hero II, but it wouldn't fit in GH3 so I had to go with Unholy Cowness. Similarly, "Unholy Cowness" was easier to make a band logo for (see image above). Reading other peoples' Wikis, it seems like this is a very common story: I played it at my cousin's house a few times and it was fun so I got it for myself. It's usually the cousin, but sometimes it's the friend. Did nobody buy it because of the box art? Probably not. Bandwagon! :D! ("BANDwagon" not intentionally a pun)
As for Guitar Hero preferences, I tend to play Expert on everything unless I have a reason to bump it down. For instance, I'm currently in a "GH3 Hard Rank Improvement" rivalry that I'm ignoring because I don't feel like it; I don't have scores for every song and I want to FC all of them I can so I don't have to go back. I really dislike regular Face-Offs because I like to play the whole song. Pro Face Offs are where it's at, but I also enjoy a good Battle or two every once in a while. I'll do Expert on every WiFi match, regardless of what my opponent picks, because I'm just that unfailable in a Hard Battle.
I've not played other instruments too much, but I will play Expert Bass, though I never practice it. World Tour's hammer-on open notes get me sometimes =\ I have the full band kit, so I do kinda play drums, but I usually play Expert at a Medium level :O I've only made it about half way through the campaign (not playing every gig) because I refuse to take it down to Hard or Medium~ I hate the bass pedal; if I used the Auto Bass cheat I could FC things. I'm very terrible at vocals, but will try it sometimes. I heard once that it was really hard to sing on World Tour, though. I'll eventually pick up Rock Band 2, but not yet.
My favorite character to use of any game is Izzy Sparks, and my favorite venues are the Harmonix Arena (GH2, GH:80s) and Ye Olde Royal Odeon (GH3). As for World Tour, I do enjoy the "I'm with the band shirt" even though you can't really see my logo unless you get the camera right up to him. For venues, I like Tesla's Coil and the Tool stage.

Favorite Guitar Hero Songs

Or, why "No GH1/2 Bonus Tracks in Smash Hits" = fail.
GH1Cheat on the ChurchVery fun to play. Probably my favorite song in the series.
GH1Guitar HeroThis should've been free DLC for every game since the 360 GH2
GH1Ace of SpadesA cover, but it's not too bad. They should've charted that solo at the end.
GH1*TrippoletteHave to cheat to play it, but oh well
GH2Arterial BlackCoolest solo ever
GH2JordanSix-starring this felt so good~
GH2(Push Push) Lady LightningMy favorite FC in GH2 so far
GH2SixI hated this, but now that I can do the verses and choruses it's fun!
GH:80sHoly DiverIt's just awesome.
GH3Before I ForgetSuch a fun song once you can do it
GH3Cliffs of DoverI can't wait to FC this~
GH3My CurseReally fun to play
GH3Through the Fire and Flames (Campaign/QP/Battle)Okay when I want to play it, or when I'm hosting a Battle.
GH:WTB.Y.O.B.I got good at this that week I rented the game.
GH:WTMr. CrawleyI can almost FC this.
GH:WTTrapped Under IceGood for wasting people in PFO or Battle

Least Favorite Guitar Hero Songs

GH2Elephant BonesI hate this for some reason
GH2Red LotteryAn okay song, but very slowww D: Not very fun to play.
GH2Yes We CanNot music, though I don't hate it as much as most SH users.
GH:80sI Ran (So Far Away)The seagulls bother me D:
GH3HelicopterToo many people pick this in PFO, too many 100%+overstrum runs
GH3ReptiliaWay too many people pick this in PFO
GH3RubyAnnoying AND stupid chord changes?
GH3Through the Fire and Flames (PFO)Too many people pick this. 80% of the time I stop playing before the soloes and win.


Guitar Hero (PS2)
I own this but can't really get into it. I keep playing Ace of Spades, Cheat on the Church (Best song in the series), and The Breaking Wheel (I can almost FC AoS and TBW <3). Here are some goals for now:
[ ] Pass all songs: Easy bonus tracks remain
[ ] Five-Star all songs: I've gotten everything I've passed so far
[ ] Six-Star all songs: This could be tricky.

Guitar Hero II (PS2)
[X] Five-star every song: I actually got Jordan with about six other songs left. Misirlou and Six were the problems.
[X] Six-star every song: Booyah. Six, Misirlou, and Hangar 18 took a while, but Jordan took forever D:
[ ] Seven-star every song possible (63): Monkey Wrench isn't possible, but I'm only about 1600 from optimal.
[ ] Eight-star every song possible (21): Hmm... Jordan.... yeah right.
[X] 550k points on Free Bird (I want FC :( )
[ ] 600k points on a song (Free Bird)
[X] Complete the career on Lefty Flip: Didn't do all of the easy bonus tracks, but I did pass all of the hard ones except for Jordan. My data got erased a few months ago, nuking my Lefty campaign, so I'm probably not going to do anything else on Lefty here unless I try for Jordan on Quick Play or something.
[X] One million points on Free Bird co-op: With ScoreHero semi-user PartyFreak in the band Death Muffin (He doesn't really update his scores)
[ ] Get all songs under PS2 rank 1000: I just don't really have the motivation to do this; I could do it if I wanted, but it's just easy songs that I have left.
[ ] Get all songs under rank 1000 overall: Not too much harder than the above goal. Only about 20% of the GH2 community plays 360.
[ ] FC something in every section: Only Face-Melters remain (it'll be Free Bird). I don't really like numbered FC goals, but you can see my current total at the top.
[ ] Learn Jordan-calibur tapping: I can tap They're Hammer-Ons and Cliffs of Dover's intro, but I can't even do this on Slowest D: Maybe I should halve the speed and make a custom disc or chart it in GHMix or something.

Notable FCs:
- Push Push (Lady Lightning): Epic to the max
- Laid to Rest: So fun.
- Them Bones: TOTAL luck; my first run of this song the day I got my red SG that I heart to pieces.
- Less Talk More Rokk: Also one try with the wired SG. Probably the same day as Them Bones.

Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the Eighties (PS2)
I finally got this in January in a bundle of GH1/GH2/GH:80s at Wal-Mart (even though I already had a GH2). I got 18 FCs on it just playing my cousin's disc, so we'll see what I can do now. I also have gold stars on Holy Diver but I can't prove that it was a FC and not just an overstrum, so I submitted a blank 100% score.

Guitar Hero III (Wii)
[X] 5* Entire campaign, all Bonus Tracks, Even TTFAF: I got a good day, so I played it for 3-4 hours until I 5*'d it. And I 5.1*'d it :D!
[ ] 6* Entire campaign: Raining Blood remains
[ ] 6* All bonus tracks: TTFAF remains
[X] 600k Club: Did this about a week after I 5*'d TTFAF. I got 600k on NotB, and then a few days later I got it on TTFAF, so I am IN.
[ ] 700k Club: 700k and it's already got to be TTFAF... and TTFAF has 900k points hanging around D: I'll make more score goals when this looks possible.
[X] Beat career mode on Easy/Easy: Guitar in the left hand, remote in the other. I was told doing this would unlock Co-Op WiFi, but once I completed this (unlocking nothing) I was told by a more reliable source that I just had to go to Unranked. Gee, thanks.
[ ] Pass GH3 Campaign on Lefty Flip: I made a rivalry for this but nobody went for it. May have to do this alone.
[ ] Complete GH3 on Hard: I joined a rivalry for this that I'm kinda ignoring :O I'm trying to get under rank 100, so I'm FCing everything as I go.

Notable FCs:
- Welcome to the Jungle: Not that hard, but lots of downstrums.
- In the Belly of a Shark: Most people just can't play this... once you get it, though, you get it. Got this in a random run after getting so many chokes over the previous months.
- My Curse: Choked on the outro in WiFi so I took it to Career. Took me about two hours to get it =\
- Before I Forget: I've done this at least five times between Wii and Ps2. I've got a nice rank on it, considering there are still about 10k points left.

GH: Aerosmith (PS2)
I only rented this for a week, but I did manage to pull off three FCs, including Toys in the Attic. I also got down to rank 95 PS2 (the game was only out for a couple weeks at the time; you can see I've drooped a little) and, of course, five-starred everything~
Notable FCs:
- Toys in the Attic

Guitar Hero: World Tour (Wii)
I got this in early February (Early birthday present to myself, from myself :O) but I really don't want to go beat all of the songs. I beat about half of them when I rented it, and it was boring D: I got the whole kit, so I can play drums and such, but I don't think I'll track my scores for that since I'm no good :O Really wish you didn't need a Wii Remote for every instrument =\ I only have two >_> Maybe whenever I buy a Mario Party game for Wii I'll get one or two more. Lately I've been considering just not submitting any scores to ScoreHero since I never Quick Play anything on guitar; just WiFi. I'll play drums offline, but that's about it...

Speaking of which, as of 3/24/09 I have passed the Expert drum campaign! I only beat as many gigs as I had to, but it still counts. I got hung up on a few songs, but eventually either cheated or suffered through it. For instance, I got through the second-to-last campaign, hit Everlong (the encore), and had to give up quickly and go beat an easier gig... I did beat the gig with Crazy Train and, of course, the final gig. I hate the bass pedal D: I need to learn to play drums, maybe. Maybe go play Medium or Hard :O

[ ] Submit scores to ScoreHero for every song on the disc
[X] Eye of the Tiger FC
[X] Pass Expert Drum campaign
[X] Pass Vocals Campaign (Couldn't pass expert The Joker; took it to Beginner. Could've just done another gig, though)
[ ] Pass Expert Bass Campaign
[ ] Pass Band Campaign (Trying this with Expert Guitar/Beginner drums... you can't fail Beginner Drums, but I'm trying to not abandon the drum pedal)

I'll also list the World Tour DLC songs I have, for some reason.
- (The Free Ones)
- The James Bond Theme
- Old Time Rock and Roll

I've also made some songs on GHMix, and currently have three of them submitted to GHTunes. Author-search for "Unholy Cowness" to find them. They're pretty good, as far as GHTunes goes, but I use sheet music and broken-down midi files for a starting point. However, I do improv a little so that they don't just repeat themselves, and I make the percussion part myself. I am very bad at transitions (in medleys, or just the end of a song that should loop), so excuse that. My understanding was that I only have to be better than the newbies that make "IMPOSSIBLE SONG" songs. I'll probably make my songs in GH:Metallica from now on, since Wii users apparently can't handle the GHMix update that gave us TRIPLETS. Do you know how many songs have triplets? Almost all of them D: But all of you Cowfans who play on Wii World Tour can still download my Triplet-wielding Metallica GHMix songs (I assume).
- Super Mario 1 Underwater Song
- NES Tetris mini-medley (C -> B -> C)
- Dragon Warrior 3 Battle Theme ("Fighting Spirits", but nobody will know it by that name)

I suppose that's it for my goals and accomplishments and such. Leave a comment if you find this page so that I feel special; even if it's blank :( I dunno if anyone will ever find my Wiki page unless they start reading random pages, but there's really nothing special about our pages unless we've FC'd One (Edit because of GH Metallica) on GH3 (end Edit) or something =O I think that Lefty Campaign I did on GH2 is interesting, though. It was fun because songs that are incredibly easy on Righty Style are extremely hard for no reason on Lefty Flip. I got stuck on Laid to Rest for a few days =\ I can FC it normally D:! Beating the Wii GH3 Easy/Easy Co-op career by myself was fun, too.
I'm Unholy Cowness on Wii GH3 and World Tour WiFi (hl Cwss on Metallica) if you happen to see me. I don't know if I want to post my Friend Code or not since you're limited on the number of friends you can have (Though I don't know 64 people with Wiis...), and Wii's online GH3 is stripped-down enough that a friends match is no more fun than a random match since you can't chat or anything. If you do wanna play you can contact me.... somehow.... or something. Maybe leave a comment here or PM me. I will not see either of them any time soon after you post them :O But PM is probably your best bet; I'm on the forum way more often than I am on this page. I do enjoy a lot of the features of the XBox 360 Guitar Hero online play (headsets, achievements), but that's not even almost enough (it's one game series that I already own!) to make me want to buy an XBox 360 AND pay to play online.

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