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CryofthePlanet is at least partially known across the world as one of the best left-handed (often known as Lefty) Guitar Hero players in the world. While at a close skill level of FretsOnFireGh2, CryofthePlanet is a true Lefty, unlike FretsOnFireGh2 (and others) that play left-handed but do not use the Lefty Flip option, hence being "psuedo-Lefty" players.

Real Life/Life Before Guitar Hero
CryofthePlanet's real name is Kane Joseph Bochatyn. He has frequently corrected people on his last name, which is pronounced bow-HA-tin, the "c" being silent. Before stumbling upon Guitar Hero, Kane was quite an outcast, and REALLY weird. Granted, he was (and still is) intelligent, trustworthy, and understanding, he was pretty awkward. Life was supposedly quite rough for him, as his was picked on as a kid, but he's learned to just ignore it. Paired with this development is his appearance. As a child, up to the age of about 12 or 13, he looked quite nerdy and stupid. As puberty hit and he grew out his hair, he developed a such more attractive figure than he originally had, and by quite a drastic amount.

He has been known to say:
"If you look at me now, and a picture of me as a kid, you would not believe that it was the same person!"

Shift in Lifestyle Prior to Guitar Hero
Kane had, around 12 or 13, begun to find a good interest in guitar and hard rock, and several metal groups as well, starting with Black Sabbath/Ozzy Osbourne. On his thirteenth birthday, he was given his first bass guitar to play. He has been playing bass guitar for four years as of 1/2/09 and electric guitar since the end of August of 2008, where he purchased a Stratocaster. Both guitars were left-handed.

Throughout this period of time, he turned into a form of "goth" and started to really focus on rock and metal more. It wasn't until Guitar Hero came around that he kicked that fuckin' door off it's hinges.

Guitar Hero: A New Beginning
Aside from the cheesiest LOLWUT title, this was quite an important phase. Kane picked up the Guitar Hero plastitar the first time ever in the middle of February of '07. He started on Easy, and to much surprise now, he had hard times just trying to 5* songs on Easy. Two months later, in the middle of April, he purchased the original Guitar Hero to expand his taste for music and fun.

He was heard saying:
"When I originally started out playing Guitar Hero, it was on Guitar Hero II on Easy. Over that time, from Easy to Expert, I remember a LOT of now-shocking things that I messed up with. First, when I got the game, I couldn't even 5* any Easy songs, except for maybe Surrender and Heart-Shaped Box. Later on Medium, I was stuck on Beast and the Harlot, which is crazy shit since I've FC'd it on Expert now. Later, I was stuck on Woman on Hard for an ENTIRE DAY with some random thriller movie involving a murder and Eddie Murphy on the T.V. Freya got me stuck for a week, and then Rock This Town and Crazy on You stuck me for a few months, mainly because my disc was so scratched by then, it didn't even play those songs. It was just a fuckin' crazy time. I had so much fun, but it was really hard out of all of that in two months, when I got the first Guitar Hero in April and just wailed out on Expert."

After he completed the Expert career on Guitar Hero II, he planned to beat all of the bonus songs, but Elephant Bones and Fall of Pangea refused to work with the scratched disc for several months after.

Rock Band
Even though CryofthePlanet is well-known for his Guitar Hero skill, many do not know that he owns both Rock Band and Rock Band Track Pack 1 for the PS2, and in addition to guitar and bass, he can also play drums and even sing some songs on Expert. In vocals, he has 4*d (Don't Fear) the Reaper. For drums, he has beaten Expert drums, twice due to his first ever memory corruption, and has 70/78 available songs 5*d, and roughly 30 of them Gold Starred. The eight songs that he was yet to 5* on drums are: Dead on Arrival, Next to You, Run to the Hills, Outside, Little Sister, Truckin', Move Along, and Siva. His bass drum is currently being fixed after snapping.

Future Online Play
Personal Note: I plan to be online on Xbox Live as soon as I can after getting my 360, so you may send friend requests to the gamertag "CryofthePlanet" once I announce it on ScoreHero. I'll have World Tour and GH3 at first, so keep that in mind.

Greatest Accomplishments
Mid-February of '07 - Purchased Guitar Hero II
Mid-April of '07 - Purchased Guitar Hero
Christmas/Birthday - Guitar Hero III
July 9th, 2008 - First ever Lefty Beast and the Harlot Expert FC 100%
September 9th, 2008 - First ever Lefty Fast Solo A triplets FC on Full Speed
Mid-September(?) of 2008 - Given Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s as a gift from Dylan Phifer (Oranges542/Apples)
End of September 2008 - Received definite confirmation of getting an Xbox 360 for Christmas and getting Guitar Hero: World Tour and Guitar Hero III for the 360 on Christmas and 16th birthday

Working Progress
This page will continue to update as CryofthePlanet and his friends feel something is necessary to include as time goes on. This page is subject to change at any time.

Input From Friends

Ian (Crosssfire)
"Kane is a person..who at times, will be hilarious, and at other times will be completely serious. and other times completely random with RANDOM thoughts. Such as randomly telling me that 'We need to get a thermometer up in this bitch.'
haha but seriously, he's an amazing guitar hero player, and he needs to get his ass back to Michigan. Theres been some fun times, like staying up to 1 in the morning playing Rockband and Guitar Hero in his room, Having very random sock fights, fun walking home from school and playing GH and making videos in my basement, fun in school, in gym, in confers classroom before school everyday. That was fun, and I'll miss all those times.
And He's done insane things, like his BATH fc was just...insane..BEYOND insane, his fc's are just insane, Tapping jordan solo lefty like he does its just unbelievable, and quoting myself 'Thos fingers will pleasure many MANY women someday' Haha, this guy touches a gh controller and women get orgasms, he's just that good."

"CotP has many FCs that most people with his number of FCs shouldn't, including BatH. He is also l33t h4x at the song Jordan by Buckethead. :D"

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