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Quick Info

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Name: It's not Jane.
Age: 21.
Gender: Female.
Location: New Haven, Connecticut.


I spend most of my time doing absolutely nothing. When I'm not doing nothing, I'm probably playing some sort of game on the xbox360 I share with my boyfriend, user_Apocaphish Apocaphish. My favorite games include Rock Band 1 & 2 (obviously), Tales of Vesperia, Eternal Sonata, and the Katamari series. I also enjoy writing and reading, and I'd gladly live in a library if they'd allow it. I live in an amazing city above a liquor store and a pizza place, which happen to be the two best businesses to live above.


Years ago, my then-boyfriend gave me a demo of Frequency he'd received in the mail and said 'here, maybe you'll like this stupid game.' With that began my love for music rhythm games. I loved playing anything I could get my hands on, even Britney's Dance Beat, which is like...really awful in every way. Luckily for me, my now-boyfriend loves the genre as well. Most of our evenings are spent playing Rock Band and I wouldn't have it any other way. We played a lot of Guitar Hero before Rock band came to be, but I think we both prefer Rock Band now. I joined Scorehero in mid-2008, after user_tizzzzz Tizzzzz told me about it. I've never posted on the forums but I lurk quite often. I see you.

Playing the Game

I tend to stick to expert vocals, because I've always been a fan of singing, and I've been told I do it well. I don't really think I'm good, but that's the beauty of singing in a video game and not on a stage somewhere. I don't hum and I don't think I know how to squeeze and wouldn't do it on purpose anyway. I don't have a problem with people who do, but I'm not a fan of doing it myself. My favorite on-disc songs to sing are (Dont Fear) The Reaper, The Hand That Feeds, Carry on Wayward Son, Psycho Killer, and Lump. I can play expert bass, and most songs on expert guitar, though they aren't as much fun as vocals. I'm working on my drum skills, and even though I totally kicked ass on Eye of the Tiger (expert omg) I honestly don't see me getting past medium on most songs. As far as DLC goes, my boyfriend and I said at the very beginning we wouldn't buy too much of it. So, of course we have a ton. We definitely don't buy everything, but there's quite a bit. A link to our list of DLC can be found below.


I've formed several 'bands' with friends of mine. The biggest two are The Walldrug Experience with user_tizzzzz Tizzzzz, and Sauce to the Edge with user_Apocaphish Apocaphish, user_tizzzzz Tizzzzz, and user_ErrorDante ErrorDante.

Contacting Dagger Jane

Gamertag: Apocaphish
AIM: Presumably Jane E-Mail


My 360's Blog
DVD collection


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