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Name David
Age 24
Location Hammond, LA
XBL Davers84
Youtube Davers84

Personal Stuff

Hey all, my name is David. I'm originally from central Illinois and have moved down south to attend college at Southeastern Louisiana University. Even though I'm 24 years old, I am going into college as a freshman. My major will be in architectual engineering. After two years at SELU, I will transfer to LSU to finish up schooling.

I have two brothers and a basset hound named Skeeter. Other than that, there isn't much to know about me.

Guitar Hero Background

It all started in the fall of 2006. Two friends of mine had bought GH2 for the PS2 and were playing pro-face off with a bunch of other friends. I decided to give it a go and suprisingly did rather well for a first time player. I continued to play with everybody until they left and picked up a career on Medium in which I dominated. I quickly moved onto Hard mode and found I was having a difficult time playing the orange button. I decided I needed to teach myself a different way to play. Instead of using my pinky to hit the blue and orange notes, I taught myself to use my pointer to hit green and read and use my pinky only for orange. I later found out on ScoreHero that this is called Second Position.

I continued to play Hard off and on throughout the next few months (I didn't have the game nor a system to play it on at the time) and finally conquered the Hard career. To make a long story short, I bought 80s and then GH3 and beat both expert modes before discovering.....

My Arrival at SH

In October of 2007, I found an awesome website called ScoreHero. I quickly found myself absorbed with all the awesomeness of the great players of Guitar Hero from all around the world. Even though I could beat Expert on GH2/80s/GH3, my skill level was absolutely nowhere as good as the players on this site.

So over the past year, I have worked very hard at increasing my skill to not just 5* songs but FC'ing them. Thanks to SH, I am currently sitting at 61 Hard FCs on GH3 and 150 FCs overall between GH1/2/80/3/A.

I currently play Guitar Hero on my Xbox 360 and have a GamerTag - Davers84. If you are ever in the mood for a good challenge or some coop dominance, look me up =D

Guitar Hero III (360)
Total Score19,634,174

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