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This is where I got my Screenname from. ^ People say I look like I'm going to fucking kill someone. Plus, the red eyes are a nice effect.

Name: Matthew (Ask for my last name.)

Plays on: Expert Guitar/Vocals/Drums/Bass

Owns: GH1, GH2, GH80's for PS2 - RB, RB2, GH3 for 360

Favorite songs: Panic Attack, Knights of Cydonia, Cliffs of Dover, YYZ, Almost Easy, Rob the Prez-O-Dent, Crossroads, Holiday in Cambodia

Hated songs: We Got the Beat, The Warrior, Visions, Flirtin' With Disaster, Behind the Mask, Red Lottery, Seven, FTK and anything else released by VAGIANT.

Contact: DemonHybrid23 (Gamertag and AIM SN)

Marital Status: In a relationship with a lovely girl named Danielle (who plays medium...she's getting better)

Trivia about me: I'm an atheist. I get a lot of shit about it from everyone.
I held 1st on 1 song that wasn't DLC; Them Bones on Expert. It was promptly taken back within 2 hours.
Considered one of the more underrated vocalists and guitarists of Scorehero by quite a few regulars, such as Ben Eberle, duck, emptyset, etc. (when it happens, it surprises the hell out of me O_O thanks guys <3)
I once entered a 3 man tournament where I won against a player by one note on Bark at the Moon, deciding the fate of the tourament. Recently, I entered a tournament where I faced off against a lot of people and won with ease.
I'm the guy with the dancing cat as my avatar. Yes, I'm him.

Bio: Hi, I'm Matt. At the time of posting this, I am 19 years old. I hail from northeastern Pennsylvania. Fast forward my life to my sophomore year of high school. I was introduced to DDR. I was considered chubby, and on it I lost 60 lbs (from 230 to 170), since then I've gained 30 back and I rest at a comfortable 200-210 at 6'3'. From then, I traveled to many arcades, seeking to quench my rhythm game thirst. One summer day in early July of 2006, my brother's friend brought over a Playstation 2 game called Guitar Hero. I watched him quizzically and replied after a song, "Hey. It's Guitar Freaks!" I decided to give it a shot and played Stellar on Hard. Passing it with 4 stars (GO ME!), I decided to go for Expert and failed on Smoke on the Water. =|

A few weeks later, I was at the mall and saw the bundle of GH1 with the black SG. I picked it up and played constantly until I beat Bark at the Moon on expert, going "whew, yay!....what now =|" That's when that same friend showed me this online:

This BLEW MY FUCKING MIND. I had to know what the deal was with this, since no one could play this godly. He then pointed me to a site called ScoreHero, where I promptly made an account. I quickly popped into the scene, raising my scores to around 200th when Guitar Hero II was announced. I was roped in. I HAD to get that. Scores stayed around 150th from the start of GH2 to when GH3 came out. When GH3 was released, I was in the top 15 for a while when another thing caught my eye...

...a game called Rock Band was to be released in a couple of months. I thought to myself, "Psh. Rock Band? They're just trying to copy off of Guitar Hero.", not realizing at the time that the masterminds of RB were the old creators of GH. After seeing videos of My Sharona, 3's and 7's, ...And Justice for All and Creep, I HAD TO GET IT. That Christmas I was awarded a 360, complete with Rock Band bundle and GH3 bundle. (I have a split family, god bless their souls.) Since then, I have played nonstop of Rock Band, while playing Guitar Hero 3 occasionally. Around the release of Doolittle, I decided to put down Guitar Hero for good and spend my time on Rock Band scores overall. Rock Band 2 was then announced. I picked it on release day and I have been playing since. Recently, I've started a band, open to the community (Tainted Dynasty). Anyone is able to join and play with friends of their choice for combined scores.

I will pick up on this after current events.

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