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Well it seems that you have stumbled upon my wiki page, congladurations!
Here is a quick summary of what you will find on this page, my name is Easyfan, I like Rockband, I play drums on expert and became competitive only recently.

Some Basic info

Real name: Justin
Other online names: Easy Fan, Easy_fan, SGT_Nemo,
Age: 16
Occupation: Currently a high school student
Game Favorite Song
GH1 Sharped Dressed Man
GH2 John The fisherman
RB Won't Get Fooled Again
RB2 Panic Attack
RB3 Cross Town Trafic
LRB Fire
GDRB Basket Case
TBRB SGT. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band

Introduction to Guitar hero & Rockband

I first played Guitar Hero at a local bestbuy and thought it was a cool game but I didn't think my parents would buy it for me (remember this was back in 2005, when I was like 10). However, about a year later, my friend across the street got both guitar hero and guitar hero II for Christmas and several good times were had. After making the jump to the ps3, I decided I would get GH3 for it, so I got that and got pretty good, but my friend and I were very interested in this new game we heard about called "Rockband". I still remember the first time playing it, there was a demo set up at Wal-mart and we were both at expert on guitar at the time, but were horrible at the drums the first few tries. We managed to pull a crowd however, and rocked there faces off. Anyway, we both bought bundles, me for ps3 and him for his 360. Blah blah blah, rb2 came out we played that, blah blah, bought some ions, blah blah, rb3 came out, blah blah. With the release of rockband 3, I found my interest in these games slipping. I still bought it due to my excitement about pro keys and pro guitar. However, my interested was really re-sparked once I started playing for competition as appose to fun.

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