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EatBox's Page/Channel

Lets start off with an introduction shall we...............

So I started playing just like everone else. It was my friends birthday and guess what he got.........GUITAR HERO 3. I can remember to this day when I first played Slow Ride. lol. I managed to beat the song but I did horrible. We all played for a while until we had to go home. From then on I wanted the game. So I got it for christmas, along with GH2. I played those two to death. I ended up perfering GH2 though because of the better songs and charting. Eventually I could play expert and got better and better and became involved with the GH comunity, learning about things like scorehero and starpwoer podcast and shit. Its been crazy but I been able to scrap together some fcs. I will eventaully be fcing lots of songs, but I have only just begun.

And of course there comes Rock Band. First of all I never really played real guitar all that much, but more so drums. In fact I DESTROYED AT DRUMS. So when I Rock Band come out the first thing I did was I played Say It Aint So on Expert to challenge myself. To be honest I really had no trouble because they were really relistic. I got used to them though and have gotten better and better. As for Vox I sucks ass. I only sing songs that I like and not that often.

Favourite Songs

GH1-Crossroads, Texas Flood, Sharp Dressed Man, Symphony of Destruction, Ziggy Stardust, Godzilla, Cowboys From Hell, Killer Queen, More Than a Feeling, Bark at the Moon
GH2-FREE BIRD(best song in the series), Sweet Child o Mine, Jessica, War Pigs, You Really Got Me, Killing in the Name, Hangar 18, YYZ, Beast and the Harlot, Six,The Trooper
GH80-Electric Eye, Wrathchild, Round and Round
GH3-One, Cliffs of Dover, Bulls on Parade, Pride and Joy, Cult of Personality, Cherub Rock, Number of the Beast, Knights of Cyndonia, Impulse, Take This life, The Way it Ends
GHA-Walk This Way (Original), Train Kept a Rollin, Dream On
GHWT-Hotel California, Crazy Train,Mr Crowley, Stranglehold, Hot for Teacher, Satch Boogie, Beat It, Purple Haze, Santeria, BYOB, Assassin, Trapped Under Ice, Scream Aim Fire
GHM-Fade to Black, Master of Puppets, Evil, Dyers Eve, Toxicity, Am I Evil, War Ensemble, Fight Fire with Fire, Hell Bent For Leather, Hit the Lights, Beautiful Mourning
RB1-Highway Star, Black Hole Sun, In Bloom, Wont Get Fooled Again, Enter Sandman, Run to the Hills, Foreplay/Long Time, Dont Fear The Reaper, Tom Sawyer
RB2-Aqualung, Alive, Man in the Box, Battery, Peace Sells, Painkiller, Chop Suey, Almost Easy, Pinball Wizard, Testify, Spoonman, Bodhisattva, Souls of Black, Colony of Birchmen

100% FCS


I Love Rock & Roll
Behind The Mask
I Wanna Be Sedated
Killer Queen
Sail Your Ship By
Eureka, I've Found Love
Story of My Love
Fat Lip

Next Steps for GH1
FC a couple more songs Im not planning on getting far.


Mr. Fix It
Heart-Shaped Box
Soy Bomb
Radium Eyes
Can't You Hear Me Knockin'
Possum Kingdom

Next Steps for GH2
Im going for Monkey Wrench and X-Stream next.


Metal Heavy Lady
When You Were Young
Generation Rock
Radio Song
Mississippi Queen
Slow Ride
My Name is Jonas
Bulls on Parade
Lay Down
Talk Dirty to Me
Lay Down
Talk Dirty to Me
Miss Murder
Can't Be Saved
Sunshine of Your Love
Story of My Life
Hit Me With Your Best Shot
Anarchy in the U.K.

Next Steps for GH3
Some easy shit like 2,3, and 4 tiers and Prayer of the Refuge. Almost fced Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll.

Update the rest later......................................................................................

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