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This is my page! Ellemennt75

I own an xbox 360, but played guitar hero way before that. I've had guitar hero since gh1, I had gh2, gh3, and recently (2 days ago) bought Guitar Hero:World Tour.
Let me just say.... I AM HOOKED. Ever since I started playing GH, I've always found it fun, even when my friends tell me, "Guitar Hero is retarded," or "Guitar Hero got boring for me."
I don't know what it is that keeps me coming back, but I love it.

Some things I would like to do.
[X] Start playing guitar hero seriously.
[ ] Get on the leaderboards for another song / a top 10 score on scorehero.
[X] Get on leaderboards: 2nd on Zakk battle bass as of 10/28/08!!!!!!!
[ ] Beat all careers on expert
[>] Become more known on scorehero (yeah right)
(^ Not yet an X, but its coming along)
[5] 20 GH:M fc's
Most recent FC:

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