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ElvisLaw is the user name of Elvis Lawson.This page is under construction until I decide on the exact layout I want and I have lots more to add.

Real name: Elvis Lawson
Gamer Tag/PSN Elvis L (360)
ElvisLaw (PS3)
Location: Madison, Ms
Age: 34(Dec 25th)
Games owned: Guitar Hero 2 (360)
Guitar Hero: Rock the '80s
Guitar Hero 3 (360)
Rock Band
Rock Band 2(360)
Instruments Vocals (expert)
Guitar (hard)
Drums (hard)
Bass (expert)

My name is Elvis Lawson. I have been playing rhythm games since Picking up GH2 for Xbox 360 on release day. I currently spend the majority of my game time playing drums or vocals. I have more fun playing drums but am better at vocals. I am by no means a good drummer but love to play. I play on an Ion Drum Rocker pretty much every day after work and the practice does help over time. It is always nice to nail a part you couldn't hit before. While I said I was better at vocals, I am not a world class vocalist. I generally don't fail songs and can gold star several. I usually work on my vocal scores a couple of times per week. This will take me a long time to Gold Star the entire set list but it will come eventually. I usually don't put the extra effort to full combo a song since I spend such little time on vocals.

About me

I am a 34 year old father of 3. I have been married for 8 years and my kids are 16, 7 and 6. all of my kids love to play video games particularly the 16 and 6 year olds. My oldest plays GH allot and plays RB while at my house with me. He is a pretty good player having beaten every song in all the games. My two youngest love to sing on RB and my 7 year old daughter has beaten several songs on hard and can generally pass most songs on medium.

I work as a Retail Sales Manager (district manager) for a major cellphone company. I really like my job and get great satisfaction from helping my 50+ employees make as much money as possible. It is a great feeling to hire someone that you see potential in and help them make more than 3 times what they ever thought they could with no risks(major corporation with full benefits and a retail environment). The job requires lots of travel (2 to 5 hours of driving every day and a month or more out of town) but this gives me lots of time to listen to music. I have had several jobs/careers since I have been working for 21 years ranging from the USAF to a short stint as a rock magazine photographer. I actually got to shoot Nine inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, Prick and several Epitaph bands before I was trampled at an Offspring concert. My knee was torn up putting my out of commission and the magazine went under before I got better.

My Rockers


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