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FallenComrade has decided to write a little about himself.

First of all, FallenComrade's real name is Rufus Finniginius Ralph James Laurel Jones.

Or Anthony Joseph Spear to others.

Born, raised, and living in Michigan, his Birth into the land of GH began soon after it's release on the Xbox 360.

After playing it once at a girlfriend's house on the PS2, GHII had amazed Anthony(Better known as Tony), though he considered it "Stupid, and way too simple".

Of course, he only played expert on his first try, and was raped mercilessly by someone who had been playing much longer, and this was completely uncool for a first try.

Then, upon hearing of it's release on the 360, found that his friend happened to own the game. Finding this out, he instantly begged for to borrow it.

She brought it over, and he instantly fell in love. Starting on medium immediately, and raising to hard in a week, and then expert just a few days later. He couldn't return to play any other difficulty, and was forced to play the first two tiers for a insanely long time, until he was able to get better, and eventually beat the game. It ended up taking nearly 3 months to beat free bird, and upon beating it, fell into a coma.

Some time after beating free bird, he broke his friends guitar, and had to take it apart to fix it, then returned it. He had to return it, buy a new xplorer, and broke that soon after. Well, it broke itself. He then was able to get LP, and that really opened him up. Soon after the getting of the LP, he was able to tear apart every song blocking his path from completion of expert, and eventually beat every song on disc on expert, and was able to five star all but Raining Blood, Through the Fire and Flames, and The Way It Ends.

But enough about GH.

Tony happens to be an expert drummer on rock band, the best of all the people he knows in person.

With every song on disc 5*'d minus RTTH and Outside(Due to a breakage of multiple drumsets), and a rather large handful of gold stars on disc and DLC, he is pretty well known among his friends.

His personal greatest achievement is his 6th place on MtaF on scorehero, thanks to his ability to squeeze now.(Though it prolly ain't 6th anymore)

Currently his xbox and drums are not at his place, and he has nothing more to add right now, while he doesn't have any will to talk about rock band in it's absence.

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