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Ah crap, I never know how to start these things.

Alright, so I'm Fedora.

When the original Rock Band came out, I was one of the first dedicated plastic bassists. I upstrum about 90% of the time using the two-finger method. (There are still some parts that are too fast for me to upstrum, and I have to break down and alt-strum.) I usually use the Les Paul for bass high score runs, although I do like playing with my Fender P-bass controller in casual local band play (or for Vox-bassing.)

The most impressive song I've ever FC'd upstrumming was probably Flirtin' with Disaster. (Upstrum FC #200 overall).
Because I'm a DLC whore, I now have over 300 Upstrum FCs.

I played with my band "Light Treason" during the era of Rock Band 1. We have since disbanded, and I am now the bassist/manager for "106 Miles to Chicago."

I say manager because "Dude who paths our BotB songs/setlists on the fly" and "Dude who takes care of the Accomplishments forum thread" takes a lot longer to type. (Seriously, I/we kick ass at Battle of the Bands. It's my new favorite RB2 feature.) I can full band path (on paper, for optimal runs) pretty well, but I tend to only have the patience to path the songs I like.

I show up in forum signatures a lot. Not really sure why. Maybe I'm just too damn snarky. I guess I've got a pretty low SH user number, despite never really getting involved with the community until Rock Band was released. If you're hung up on that sort of thing.

I'm a Harmonix fanboy. (In my opnion, they've earned it by now.) I hate the artistic style the recent Guitar Hero games have gone to.

I was the first person to FC a full album on Bass. (Screaming with Vengeance). I'm pretty close to Upstrum-FCing Blood Sugar Sex Magic.

Some people think I'm quite zen.
Others just know I'm always stoned.

Metallica sucks.

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