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Hi! My name is Francisco (call me Fran), a GH player from Argentina. I play more games besides GH, like PES, GTA, Mercenaries and Bully. I first played GH2 back in 2007. My dad and I went to a game store, and he told me to choose 2 games. Obviously, I picked Guitar Hero II and Mercenaries. I finished Medium career in a 1 hour, then moved to Hard. BTW, I play mainly with the Dual Shock. Now, I've got 130 Hard FC's. consider myself pretty good at GH. I'm also a member of Guitar Hero Guides, a great GH-RB related site with helpful tips for different songs. Also, there's a General Chat section, tons of fun!
Well, I'm leaving. If you want to, you can edit this page to write whatever you want

Fran has teh sexiest hair evar <333 - Anonymous

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