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Hi I'm GHAddict and I've been playing Guitar Hero since the release of Guitar Hero 2, back in November 2006. I originally hated music games but I gave in to peer pressure at a party and loved it. I've been addicted to these games ever since (hence my name, GHAddict).
Although my name is GHAddict, I play Rock Band, too.
Back when first got my hands on GH2, I was at a party. One of the guitar controllers wasn't working, so I learned how to play with the dualshock controller, which is what I used until mid-2008. I got really good at the dualshock, and was playing expert within a day, and couldn't get enough. Then, when Rock Band came out, which didn't support the dualshock, I pulled out the guitar controller and, much like the dualshock, caught on quickly, and was playing expert on day 1. Since then I've also gotten used to the drum set, but vocals is still... mediocre.

I'm a really well-rounded player, I think, and can play dualshock, guitar, and drums all on expert. I've never played a song that I couldn't pass.


Guitar Hero 1: Guitar Hero 2 (PS2): Guitar Hero Encore: Guitar Hero 3 (PS2): Guitar Hero Aerosmith (PS2): Guitar Hero World Tour (360): Rock Band (PS2):
Rock Band 2 (360):

Misc. Info.

Gamertag: None, I don't have XBL Gold yet. I will soon, though.
Systems: PS2, 360
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Country: United States
State: Washington

So, I'm not great, but if anyone wants to PFO when I get XBL, then just message me, we can talk.

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