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Name: George
Age: 24
Location: Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Xbox Live Gamertag: TheBirdman5504

GP69 A.K.A. Birdman5504

My name is George (also known as Birdman5504 in other places like YouTube and UStream, etc)
I don't use GP69 anymore, its pretty much a random name I used to make a SH account...

Early Days

When Guitar Hero I was released, I never really heard of it. I was introduced by a friend (who never really got into it and sucks). One day I go to his house and he tells me about this game where you play with a plastic guitar to hit notes and make it seem like you are playing the real thing. Still, I didn't really care much about it. I don't remember much then, but I do remember that a few days later I was trying to FC I Love Rock and Roll...on easy. I don't think I ever got it but the best I got was 99% as far as I know.

About a year later, I didn't really play at all since the release of GH1, that is, until GH2 was released. Again, my friend got it and introduced me to it. IMO I thought this was more fun at the time, and I played it more. I still sucked though, and I wasn't aware of HOPO's. So time progressively passes, I play a bit, then one day, a friend of my friend's comes over, but there is only 1 guitar.

Controller Hero
So that friend of my friend's decides to play with the dualshock controller, I was like "How the hell do you do that?" He explained to me, and I thought it was a lot easier than the guitar. Thus my "Controller Hero" phase begins. I then started to play on medium and hard, and sometimes expert. I still wasn't as good but I knew I was better than I was at the guitar. Since my friend wasn't interested at GH much anymore (especially GH1), I borrowed his GH1 and played with the controller all day. I got bored of that and begged him to let me borrow his GH2 (which he wouldn't let me because he was 'supposedly' playing that more). So I went to his house and played it there. Then one day, my sister comes to visit from Florida.

Buy A Guitar Already!
My sister saw me play with the controller and thought that I should play with the guitar. So one day we go to a mall and bought a GH2 bundle (for PS2, this was still early in 2007). I still played with the controller for a couple of days (hoping to beat Jordan on expert, but that didn't happen). Then I started to listen to my sister, I started playing the guitar, even though I was sucking horribly at it. So yeah, from there, things progessively got better, I learned to hit the blue button for medium, then the orange button for hard/expert. This is all thanks to challenging myself. I don't remember about the blue button much but I do remember trying to pass Psychobilly Freakout on Hard. I couldn't do it for a while, but I kept trying to do better, and eventually I could. Same thing on expert, except that was harder ;) Nothing really much happened after that, other than improving more.


In July of 2007 (about 20 days before the release of GH80s), I went to visit Peru. I have family there and yes, I speak Spanish.
Well anyways, I don't remember what I searched for in Google but I found Scorehero as a result. I was missing Guitar Hero, seeing that I didn't bring it with me.
I browsed through the whole site, saw people's awesome Guitar Mods and custom songs, and awesome FCs, I was amazed. So on July 21st, 2007, I joined.
Little did I know, joining Scorehero would bring me to where I am today. At first, I thought it was impossible FCing Psychobilly Freakout, Hangar 18, Institutionalized, and all that stuff (GH3 wasn't out at the time).
And when GH3 came out, even more changed...

Guitar Hero 3

When this game was released, I still only had a PS2. Well...before the game was released, I entered a small tournament at a local game store. At the time, I was good, but not like amazingly good. Unfortunately for me, they played on Xbox 360 (on GH2, so there were some GH2 exclusives I never played before), and it was judged by percentage, not score. Everyone else sucked, except this one other guy who was pretty good, pretty much like I was. We each picked 2 songs (I think), and one of the ones he picked was Dead!, and I picked Laid To Rest (idk what the others were). He creamed me in Dead! obviously since I only played that song once before on a friend's Xbox 360. On Laid To Rest, I beat his score by a lot, but he beat my percentage by I think 2% (He got 95% I got 93%). So yeah, he won, and got a free copy of GH3. But in a way, I'm glad I didn't win it. Why? Because I would have asked for the PS2 version of GH3, and I would later find out that it sucks.

Get An Xbox 360 Already!
After GH3 was released, I got it for the PS2. The loading and saving time took FOREVER, like if I accidentally choose a song instead of another one, I would have to press start, then quit, and it would automatically start saving for no good reason, and even that took a while. So I'm like "screw this" and got an Xbox 360 around late November of 2007 (I think it was around Thanksgiving). My sister bought me Halo 3 along with it, but I didn't get the GH3 bundle until January (since they were sold out during Christmas season). So yeah, this is pretty much why I have an Xbox 360 and I'm glad I have it because I later fell in love with it in general.

Moar Progress
So yeah, I have a good working GH3 game, brand new guitar, and now it's time to play some more. Again, I progressively get better...from trying to FC Bulls On Parade, to (recently) FCing F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X. and Cult Of Personality (on expert of course). But of course, that didn't happen overnight. Again, I did this progressively, and at times (like this summer) I went back to GH2 and took care of some unfinished business.

"Back In The Saddle"
On May and June 2008, I went back to GH2 (oh did I mention...I eventually bought GH2 for Xbox 360 as well), and improved (and FCed) some stuff after a while of playing GH3. Now as you can see from my Youtube page (link at the top), you will see a lot of my GH2 FC videos that say it was posted in May-June 2008. This era was my GH2 FC Rampage, where I FCed Psychobilly Freakout, War Pigs, Freya, Stop, Killing In The Name, Raw Dog, Rock This Town, You Really Got Me, Mother, Sweet Child O' Mine, Them Bones, Jessica, One For The Road, YYZ, Laid To Rest, Carry Me Home, Bad Reputation, and Carry On Wayward Son. I'm still amazed how I did all this, considering a year before, I sucked.

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith
On the day of its release, I didn't FC anything actually. But within the next month, that was different. My goal since I got the game was to FC Mercy, and that's what I did, but I wasn't first. I got it a couple of days after the game came out, but 3 other people already did it. At least I made the first FC video of the song... But anyways, from all the practice I had with the previous GH, the thought of FCing the entire game didn't seem very hard. As of this writing, I have 40/41 FCs (of course, Train Kept A Rollin' isn't one of them), with Joe Perry Guitar Battle being a very recent FC. FCing TKAR will be my first entire-game FC, which would be awesome. Update 2012: I have FCed TKAR sometime in 2009, so that's over with :)

What's happening today?

It's been a while since I updated this wiki, a lot has changed, such as the sudden surge of being good at GH1 and getting up to 44 FCs in the game (including Decontrol, Texas Flood, and Cowboys). That was back in late 2009, around the same time and until May 2010, I got more FCs on GHWT (in which I'm at 84/86 FCs including both boss battles), and other games such as GHM (got Welcome Home Sanitarium, All Nightmare Long (full album FC), Mercyful Fate, and more). As of around late May or early June 2010, I considered myself to have retired from GH competition, one of the reasons being that I finally got a job in mid-June. Like smoking and other things, it's hard to quit. Ever since then, I've been working on a few things (such as FCing BYOB which was my 84th GHWT FC, FGFCing GD:RB, first ever FC of Metamorphosis on RB3), but even more so I've been working on custom charts (mostly Evile songs, including most of the Enter The Grave album and the entire Five Serpents Teeth album). Although GH5 has been out since 2009, I never really worked on it, I got a few decent FCs like DWE,DFN, NOTDO, DYFLWD, but nothing much of the easier songs because I was mainly focused on getting more goals done on the older games. By the time GH:WOR came out, I've completely lost interest in getting newer games. I did eventually get the game and FC Ravenous (probably my best FC in the game lol), as well as getting RB3, but never really grinded for FCs. To this day, I play mostly for the fun of it, I'll try to FC some stuff but it won't be like how I was before I retired.

TL;DR: I got some more cool FCs since then, retired in mid 2010, and now getting some FCs every now and then instead of pretty much every single day.

List of Guitar Hero Game FCs!

As of March 18, 2012

Click on the links below for my detailed stats!

Guitar Hero 1: 44 of 47
Guitar Hero 2: 65 of 74
Guitar Hero Rocks The 80s: 27 of 30
Guitar Hero 3: 67 of 70
Guitar Hero Aerosmith: 41 of 41
Guitar Hero World Tour: 84 of 86

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