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Before the Dinosaurs were born

There was an Earth without dinosaurs.

Before Gamb was born

Everybody was sad.

When Gamb was born

The doctor died because of Gambs sheer awesome-rays.

Before Gamb was addicted to videegames

This is when I was like 1-4 kthxbai

When Gamb was addicted to videogames

He played many a game and owns many a system. Gamb really loves RPGs and Super Mario RPG is made of winsauce. Gamb really enjoys sitting in the sun and playing videogames. Seriously try this one, take your TV outside, get some extension cords and play away.

Before Guitar Hero

Gamb rather enjoyed the game "Tony Hawk" and raped the fuck out of the game.

Guitar Hero

Gamb rather enjoys all the games. He likes GH80s the best still (face it every song on there is made of win). I AAAAAM THE WAAARIORRRR!!
Right, Gamb can play this game, and hits notes, and doesn't afraid of anything. Some people have even gone as far to give him the title of an hero. Gamb is wondeirng if this means they want him dead. No. No. He's too adorable and cuddly for that shit.
Gamb is a rather notorious little bugger going in out of streams, getting opped everywhere, and banning the fuck out of retards. Onl you can help fight the cause!

Epic friends that are epic etc

Gamb met his friend eyewin8 at Teh Brickhouse. - eyewin8
Also, Kyle. He is very win as well

Acronyms are obv made of win

I love acronyms: MPIHFY

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