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Right now, I'm really focusing on Rock Band. I'm a jack of all trades, but I like to focus on guitar.

Active bands:
Daphnephoria* (with JayShard, toopskittles, and Deletionervice)
Downstairs Pipe System* (with JayShard)
Hectares!* (with B4T3R)
Waiting For Melvin* (with toopskittles)
*denotes a band that owns your face

Current goals:
RB2 X Guitar
[X] Gold-star every on-disc song
[X] 50 FCs
[X] 60 FCs
[X] 70 FCs
[ ] 80 FCs
[ ] 84 FCs

RB2 X Bass
[X] Gold-star every on-disc song
[X] 83 FCs

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