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I had a bunch of crap a year and a half ago here, but that's gone now. I'm bored now, so here's the story from my perspective today.

From the moment I started playing Rock Band competitively (around 2008, I believe) and until the summer of 2009, my life had revolved around nothing but that the entire time. It was a waste of junior and senior year of high school, and I could have done so much more with my time then. Sure, I met a lot of cool people in the process, but if I could go back and actually have a life in that time period, I would in an instant. It sucks, but I've forgotten about it for the most part, but quitting has made me the person I am today, and I love the life I live today.

By the time summer 2009 came along, I had stopped playing Rock Band for the most part and focused more on work and real life. However, I stayed in IRC and ustream chats to talk, but that would eventually lead to me turning on my friends I made in the process, talking with the wrong group of people, and for the most part, involve me back in the "no life" process. This went on until December of 2009, where I started to get annoyed with the people I was talking with and decided that my New Years Resolution was to never go back to the days where I would be on the computer or Xbox all day, and that included IRC. From then, I have been going to a ton of metal concerts, making new friends and hanging out with them, playing music, and living the life.

Shit happens. Those couple of years were dark times in my life and I never want to revisit them again. Now I live life happy and keep moving forward. I don't have time to play video games anymore, what with work and other occupations, but if I really have nothing else to do, I'll pop in Rock Band 2 and play drums for a bit.

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