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Hi, I didnt want to make a regualr accomplishment thread because it would be large so when I do make one it will be a lot more smaller then this. I play Rock Band and Guitar Hero on Expert Guitar. For the most part I suck but I still have fun. I do not use paths and play for score because I find it very time consuming and i just dont have the interest nor the time with a full time and consuming career plus my only guitar is a GH1 SP (for PS2) and GH2 Xplorer (for 360) and both a broken wammy bar's (fixed with elastic bands). I have every game for Rock Band and Guitar Hero so maybe I can get like 1000 FC's or something. Below is what Im working on at the moment.

Total Guitar FC's - 74

Rock Band 3 (55)
Break on Through (to the other side)
China Grove
Cold As Ice
Combat Baby
Crosstown Traffic
Don't Bury Me....I'm Still Not Dead
Don't Stand So Close To Me
Du Hast
False Alarm
Fly Like An Eagle
Get Free
Get Up, Stand Up
Good Vibrations (live)
Heart of Glass
Hey Man Nice Shot
I Can See For Miles
I Got You (I Feel Good)
I Love Rock 'n' Roll
I Need To Know
I Wanna Be Sedated
In the Meantime
Just Like Heaven
Killing Loneliness
King George
Last Dance
Living in America
Low Rider
Me Enamora
MidLife Crisis
Misery Business
Need You Tonight
No One Knows
One Armed Scissor
Outer Space
Oye Mi Amor <--Have no idea how i hit those "Blue Sky" HO parts!!!!!
Rock Lobster
Sister Christian
Something Bigger, Something Brighter
Space Oddity
Stop me if you Think that you've Heard this one Before
The Beautiful People
The Hardest Button to Button
The Look
This Bastard's Life
Viva La Resistance
Walk of Life
Walking on the Sun
Werewolves of London
Whip it
Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots (Part 1)
Rock Band DLC (2)
Here Come My Girl (live)
Move Along

Rock Band Lego (2)
A - Punk
Accidently in Love

Rock Band Network (15)
A Better Forever
Beautiful Machine
Buried Cold
Children of December
Dharma Lady
Even Rats
Going Under
HTML Rulez Dood
I Know What I Am
White Knuckles
You All Everybody

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