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GingerBraFace's Wiki Page

Introduction/About Me

My alias is GingerBraFace (AKA: Ginger; GBF), but my real name is Adam. I've been playing Guitar Hero since 2007 and got my first XFC in 2009. That same year, I set up my first scorehero account. For the next 4 years I regularly uploaded scores and custom GH3 songs. After starting 6th form, I somewhat lost interest in GH, feeling that I wasn't really improving. This continued through my first year of university. But during my second year, there was a Guitar Hero themed night and the students union. My friend who I was out with suggested that I attempted to beat someone who was hogging a controller, and challanging random people to try and beat him. I had a few more drinks. Once I was totally unable to walk, I got my friend to pass me a controller. I ended up FCing whatever song I played, despite having no real control of my limbs. I guess that's what 6 years of almost daily play does to you...

So in 2015, I got "the itch" back. I didn't have my xbox with me at uni. Being primarily a PC gamer, I played a load of Phase Shift, to try to get back into the swing of things. This carried on until I found a PS2 down a local exchange shop. It was 20 and a bit beaten up, but it worked fine. I bought a red and black SG with a copy of GH2 from ebay and got my parents to send me my existing copies of GH1 and GH80s and set myself up a new Scorehero account. I ended up softmodding the PS2 I bought and adding a HDD, so I could play Graveyard Shift and Trippolette. This more or less brings us up to present day. I've recently purchased 2 PS3s (one of which I have modded). So hopefully for my final year at uni, I will be playing GH on PS3 as well as PS2!

What I play

I play Guitar, Bass, non-pro Drums and vocals on expert. However, you'll rarely find me playing drums. I am generally a bit better at bass than guitar (both in GH and IRL). On PC and Xbox 360 I use the GH2 xPlorer. On PS2 I use a GH2 SG. On PS3 I pretty much only do vocals, but if I do brave Guitar or Bass it'll be on a PS3 Les Paul (no FCs for me!). Finally, on PS4 I use the RBR Jaguar, which is a lot less terrible than I thought, though my 3DS' wifi seems to interfere with it. How about wired instruments HMX/MadCatz?

My Achievements


I have achieved nothing! :(

I need to up my game! :P

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