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The Origins of GuitarBoy55!

Yes when I was around the age of 9 I was in best buy and discovered Guitar Hero! I thought the game was interesting and I waited in line. I selected I Love Rock and Roll, selected easy, played, and then failed. When I failed I really wanted to get the game. On Christmas I received my first Guitar Hero game: Guitar Hero 2. When I first played I wasn't that bad for a beginner. Of course I had no idea what star power is but I conveniently activated it by tipping up the guitar to look cool. Anyways I practiced and practiced until I could play on Expert. At that point I could past most songs on expert though I did do very crappy on some songs. Then I practiced more and then I was decent. On the release of Guitar Hero 3 I got a Wii and the game for Christmas. From then on I used the Wii to play. When World Tour was released I decided to step it up and play drums. Of course I sucked. Then over time the drums broke and I quit. Later I realized the Wii sucked compared to the PS3. And last Christmas I got a PS3 with three Guitar Hero games and from then on it was my best and current gaming system. Also I sold my Warhammer figurines and received $50 dollars and bought some RB2 drums. I practiced and practiced. At first I sucked but then I got better and now today I'm a great drummer. And that is the story of GuitarBoy55.

How I Got the Username

I wasn't always called GuitarBoy55 if you didn't know. I used to be called GX1010. Why? Well when I was ten I was a complete nerd. I mean I didn't own glasses or overalls but I was into nerdy activities. Like Yugioh or Magic the Gathering. Well anyways I wanted to make a new account for Runescape. I tried all of my ideas and none of them worked. But then I thought of two letters that sounded cool to me. G and X. It sounded nice to me and it had a ring to it. Thought it was too short. Now I knew most people have numbers on the end of their usernames. Then it hit me straight in the head. 10. That was my age! But GX10 didn't have a good ring to it so I added another 10. And it was the perfect username. From then on I used it. Now why did I change to GuitarBoy55? Well I tell you why. When I got my PS3 I made a PSN underground account. Now when I tried to log on I couldn't. I was frustrated! So later I decided to make a new one. Now I tried to find the right username but nothing worked. Then I thought "Hey I like to play Guitar" so then I put down Guitar. Then I thought "I'm also a boy too." So then I put down Boy. GuitarBoy. All I needed was a simple set of numbers and it came to me. 55. GuitarBoy55. It had the perfect ring to it and from now on I used it. Of course I also have a second username which is Shredin0id689. I only use it if GuitarBoy55 is taken from other sites. And that's the story of my username.

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